Chapo’s granddaughter sang a boxing anthem; seeks to be a singer

Hobby Mexico City / 09.01.2022 00:35:53 The world of boxing has been linked to drug trafficking on more tha

Mexico City / 09.01.2022 00:35:53

The world of has been linked to drug trafficking on more than one occasion, from personalities who have attended fights, to boxers who are friends of some drug men.

In recent weeks, , a young woman who seeks to venture into the world of music, has become viral, however there is a detail that drew even more attention, since the is the granddaughter of who she was for a long time, the drug trafficker most wanted mexican; Joaquín Guzmán Loera.

Through her Instagram account, Frida Guzmán constantly shares videos with some of her performances, in search of becoming known as a singer; it has more than 71 thousand followers.

In turn, the young singer fulfilled the dream of singing the Mexican prior to a Boxing fight in Durango: “it feels very cool, it is like one more achievement in this career that I want to make of music.”

However, singing the anthem is not the only approach that Chapo Guzmán’s granddaughter has had with the world of boxing, since she is the stepdaughter of Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez Jr., since he married Frida Muñoz, mother of the young singer.

Even, on her Instagram account, Frida shared a video where she appears singing “I wanted to forget you” by Juan Gabriel and at the end Julio César Chávez joins her and they sing together.

For her part, Frida Guzmán participated in the program ‘I have talent, a lot of talent’, where Hispanic artists participate and culminated in the Top 3, an important achievement in the search to consolidate her career as a singer.