Chavez or Canelo. Who deserves the label of the best Mexican boxer

the hobby Mexico City / 12.07.2022 16:15:00 For many Julio César Chávez is the most important fighter in th

Mexico City / 12.07.2022 16:15:00

For many Julio César Chávez is the most important fighter in the great history of Mexican boxing, but now with the arrival of Saúl Canelo Álvarez it is difficult not to fall in comparison.

Despite the fact that both fighters have ruled out a competition between them, the achievements above the ring speak for themselves and in La Afición we made a comparison of their trajectories.

Julio César Chávez made his debut at the age of 18 in Culiacán, Sinaloa; Canelo debuted the same year that the great Mexican legend said goodbye to boxing, at that time the man from Guadalajara was only 15 years old.

As for the races it is still difficult to put them in perspectiveWell, while Chávez has been in retirement for 15 years, Canelo is barely at the peak of his career; however, let’s get to the .

Chávez in the 90’s managed to govern the super featherweight, lightweight and super lightweight, becoming the first Mexican to win three divisions with four belts conquered. So far and after almost two decades active, Canelo has conquered four categories with 11 belts.

Historical!  'Canelo' defeats Caleb Plant by knockout and is the first undisputed champion of the super middleweight division

In economic terms and due to the different times (26 years apart) there are very different figures, because in the case of the Tapatio monarch, at least 300 million dollars in earnings in the ring have been calculated, with multi-year contracts that have broken several records; while At the time, Chávez obtained close to 100 million dollars. It should be noted that Saúl is among the top 5 fights that have generated the most in history, when he faced Floyd Mayweather in 2013 with a record of 150 million dollars.

Until now there is no record of any fall of Canelo, because he has shown great strength. In the case of Chavez, his first visit to the canvas was against Frankie Randall, when he turned 14 years as a professional and it was during the fight that he was defeated for the first time in 91 fights.

Provisionally and on the sheet, Canelo already surpasses Chávez in statisticsbut in order to define this legacy it will be necessary to wait the seven years that Saúl predicts to still be inside the ring and thus put all the achievements into perspective.