Chepo Reynoso, discoverer of Canelo, came to boxing for a girlfriend

Erika Montoya Mexico City / 26.08.2022 20:15:00 The story of José Reynoso is not a very common one in boxi

Erika Montoya

Mexico City / 26.08.2022 20:15:00

The story of José Reynoso is not a very common one in , he came to the sport by chance. The famous coach who discovered multi-champion Canelo Álvarez arrived more than 50 years ago because he wanted to defend what he felt was his.

In an interview with former champion Érik Morales, for the Un Round Más podcast, Chepo not only recounted that a lawsuit with another family forced them to migrate from Zacatecas to Guadalajara, he also recounted his hard beginnings there in order to find a livelihood.

Chepo was a butcher for much of his life and boxing was one of his passions, although he never put on gloves in the professional arena, because with his business he earned much more than a debutant boxer.

However, his first approach dates back to when he was 15 years old and met Caro, the daughter of the owner of a small convenience store that was right in front of Don Chepo’s father’s butcher shop.

“There was a bastard, a high school student, who liked my Caro. And what made me angry is that I saw that although she already had a commitment to me, she did not dislike that bastard they called El Coyote, his name was Abel, ”she recalled.

Chepo said that Abel liked to intimidate and they often chased him around the neighborhood looking for a lawsuit:

“I heard that they were coming, I would go into a neighborhood and close the doors and when I heard that they passed I stuck my head out like mice. That made me very embarrassed,” she added.

That is why one day he asked a friend of his father to take him to the Coliseum to train where he began to practice for a year.

“My dad did not know the anger that I brought and when my girlfriend found out, she was going to say that I had a coward as a boyfriend, so I started training.”

The lawsuit with El Coyote never came, some time later Abel drowned in a pool and Chepo never had the opportunity to get the thorn out, but from there was born what would be one of his greatest passions.