Christian Horner highlights his role in the excitement of F1: “They should buy Red Bull a huge Christmas basket”

Nobody predicted that a whole world F1 would be decided in the last race, arriving with a draw between two deep rivals as Max verstappen

Nobody predicted that a whole world F1 would be decided in the last race, arriving with a draw between two deep rivals as Max verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

The fight for the World Cup throughout the year has caused more and more spectators and fans to be aware of this sport. The end of the hegemony of the Germans, the amazing performance of the Dutch driver and the diversification of battles in the race has helped to a great extent to attract new fans. Audiences skyrocketed because of it.

If we do that, we add that it was not known until the last race who the champion is, it makes us have the perfect formula to keep the excitement until the last moment.


For Christian Horner, Head of the Austrian team, he still has a hard time believing everything that happened, highlighting this sport as the best in the world:

“I think it was 47 years ago that an F1 championship reached the final race with the drivers tied for points. Not a Hollywood screenwriter would have thought of everything that happened this year. Thanks to this and the popularity of Formula 1, as we have seen, all this effect has skyrocketed. We know how many new fans we have welcomed into the sport which for us is fantastic and phenomenal. “

The Austrian team boss joked about Stefano Domenicali, current visible head of Liberty Media, on the favor he did him for keeping the excitement until the last race:

“They should buy Red Bull a huge Christmas hamper for the excitement, the racing and the drama we have put into F1.”


He has not been the only team leader who has praised the head of Liberty Media and in this case of Domenicali. For the current head of Ferrari, Mattia Binotto, his role has been the protagonist in everything that has happened:

“I think Liberty Media is doing very well as well. Since everything with them started, they have greatly improved the show and the way we present the show to fans, not just in terms of broadcasting, but also on social media and all of that. We have increased the level of communication and the way we interact with the fans.

I think Stefano just after a year is doing very well. It is not easy for him after Chase to maintain this level, because Chase has done a fantastic job during his stay. But I know Stefano and I’m pretty sure that even in the future he will continue to do very, very well. “

If something goes well depends on everyone and when your boss helps from the first moment in maintaining and fostering the love for the sport that is practiced, it makes things go by themselves. This World Cup will be remembered for the times of the times. It is the history of this sport. In addition, it will be an example of how a World Cup can be fought until the last minute or, in this case, until the last lap.