Christian Horner warns of a catastrophe in Formula 1 for this 2022

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 6/23/2022 08:42 a.m. One of the biggest problems facing all teams in the Formula 1 In this 2022 World Championsh

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 6/23/2022 08:42 a.m.

One of the biggest problems facing all teams in the In this 2022 World Championship it is the budget limit, because inflation also directly affects this sport when it comes to parts and labor.

In this situation, boss Redbull, He pointed out that if the FIA ​​does not intervene to manage this, everything could become an economic catastrophe in the middle of this season, in addition to the fact that the smaller teams will be the most affected in this area.

“ANDThe problem with the uncertainty of the budget ceiling and the inflation that we see…it’s just the parts and the people that represent the biggest cost. I think it’s a catastrophe for Formula 1 as a whole.if people are victims of this, for something that is out of their control”, he mentioned in a conference with some media.

boss Christian Horner.

He also stressed that everything has become more expensive and the price of parts has increased since the start of this event, a situation that directly affects the budget, influencing the development of this competition.

“It is the cost of competing, with freight, with energy costs and with the demand for spare parts. Global costs have skyrocketed in recent months, what could become a major problem for the world transport of the circus”, he assured.

The repercussions of exceeding the budget limit in F1

On the other hand, Horner mentioned that the consequences of exceeding this budget limit are extreme, since you can receive a wake-up call and be disqualified from a grand prix, losing relevant points in the championship.

“If you exceed the maximum limit by 5%, the penalties are between a slap on the fingers and disqualification… So you don’t know where you stand. I think we have to use common sense here. The situation could get much worse”, he pointed.

Horner is worried about the F1 budget.

F1 has enough money

To end, Christian Horner He stressed that F1 has achieved several commercial agreements that directly benefit the competition in economic terms, so the problem is not cash flow, it is on the accounting side.

“We are seeing sales continue to increase with new F1 deals. Even the bottom team in the constructors’ championship can pay for more than 50% of its costs through in-sport revenue. So yes, turnover has never been higher: it’s not a cash issue. The problem is related to accounting,” she concluded.

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