Christian Horner’s concern for the closure of Formula 1

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 5/24/2022 08:52 a.m. The director of Red Bull, Christian Hornerconsiders that it will be difficult to close the

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 5/24/2022 08:52 a.m.

The director of , considers that it will be difficult to close the season of the despite the fact that only 6 races have been held in 2022. The main reason is because of the budget limit requested by the International Automobile Federationsame as could leave teams without up to 4 events when the campaign ends.

The reduction of the limit will affect F1 teams in different ways, so the Red Bull boss hopes that the FIA ​​will modify the figure to ensure that the 2022 season is completed by all teams. Then Horner stressed that there would be at least 7 that could close the year with 4 fewer races.

“We need the FIA ​​to tackle the problem of inflation”Horner commented and rescued the Express from Great Britain, “Because basically 7 of the teams will have to miss the last 4 to be in the cap this yearbecause of the consensus that there has been in the paddock,” said the Englishman.

What are the teams that could miss the closure of Formula 1?

Mainly the budget limit is due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine that raised the cost of gasoline and other expenses. “It’s not just about the big teams anymore. They are the teams in the middle of the field those that are really struggling with the rate of inflation that we see could even worsen in the second half of the year,” Horner explained.

Christian Horner | Formula 1

“Things like the electricity bill, just the cost of living, costs are going up exponentially and Formula 1 is not exempt from that. We see that the freight has quadrupled and that is not something we can control… During the second six months of the year, the FIA ​​must address the problem.”

By how much was the budget limit reduced?

Last year it was 175 million dollars, but the new circumstances reduced it to 45 ended at 130 for the entire season, which may leave some teams unable to participate in the closure of Formula 1.

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