Chrysalis and its second benefit meeting

GOLF CARTASSO.jpg Juan Ignacio Pereira / ONE. Everything had a closing with wine tasting and raffles for everyone. There was also a he


Juan Ignacio Pereira / ONE.

Everything had a closing with wine tasting and raffles for everyone. There was also a heifer served in a sandwich by the girls from Crisálida. Then proceeded to the awards ceremony for all participating golf categories in both branches.

golf falls 2.jpg

Juan Ignacio Pereira / ONE.

It should be noted that the foundation was born in 2008, with a group of parents, who, overcome by the experience of losing a child to cancer, decided to incorporate friends and people of good will with the need to channel their pain through solidarity.

The people of the foundation are in counseling and everything necessary, both for children hospitalized in the San Roque de Paraná hospital and for adolescents with cancer hospitalized in the San Martín hospital, as well as those who are at home.

The entity works hard to start up the Pediatric Oncology Ward, which is the main desire of this group of people who selflessly give a big hand.

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Juan Ignacio Pereira / ONE.

The positions of the Crisálida tournament were the following: Ladies Initiation: 1st) Renata Arias, 2nd) Isabel Bonfils, 3rd) Federica Barbagelata; 4°9

Sofia Emanuelle; 5th)

Sara Lescano; 6th) Emilia Gutierrez; 7th) Amanda Ramirez; 8th) Amber Herrlein and 9th) Paz Alexernicer.

Knights Initiation:

1st) Martiniano Zoni; 2nd) GervacioCerini; 3rd) Emilio Altavista; 4th)

Ignacio Vinuales; 5th) Juan Ignacio Sors; 6th) Aaron Vidal; 7th) Blonde Baptist.

Men’s Precompetition: 1st)

Felipe Arias and 2nd) Juan Cruz Anadon.

Juniors Ladies: 1st) Malena Mulet. Junior Knights: Juan Cruz Nazar and 2nd) Hergel Lescano

Novices 16 years old: 1st) Miranda Crespo; 2nd) Matilde Gutierrez; 3rd)

Fran Pérez Berduc and 4th) Tomás Villamonte.

golf falls.jpg

Juan Ignacio Pereira / ONE.

In Seniors. Women’s Single Category: 1st) Martina Kapp, with 73 strokes; 2nd) Viviana Pastori, 75 and 3rd) Rosana Mereles, 76 hits.

Men’s category from 25 to 58 handicap: 1st) Eduardo Bongiovanni, with 70 strokes and 2nd) Fernando Leonardón, with 72.

Category from 13 to 24 handicap: 1st) Marcelo Flores, with 72 strokes (automatic tiebreaker) and 2nd) Sergio Castelo, with 72.

Category up to 12 handicap: 1st) Diego Rodríguez, with 72 hits and 2nd) Cristian Kuhn, with 76 hits. Best Female Approach: Rosana Meleres and Best Male Approach: Diego Rodríguez.

The president, and one of the creators of the Fundación Crisálida de Entre Ríos, Laura Petrucci, spoke with UNO and said: “The truth is that everything is very nice. It is the second time that the golf people of the CAE summon us to be beneficiaries and for us it is of great help. With the proceeds we continue to build our headquarters and help the boys who undergo cancer treatment”.

“Crisálida was born in 2008 after the death of my son from leukemia. At that time I summoned Mimi Johnston, she passed away last year and left us her legacy. I want to thank the companies that give great support for this entire tournament. We also monitor adolescent boys, who due to their age have to be treated at the San Martín hospital. Chrysalis does the support, ”she asserted.

For her part, Carina Brasseur, who is a medical consultant, said: “The purpose of the foundation is to create a pediatric oncology room so that children can be treated and cured in the province. We also help families with support that can be economic, legal and, above all, psychological.