Cienfuegos scored first in the final of the National Boxing Series

Camagüey.- HUNDRED FIRES defeated Holguín today in the poster that opened the curtains of the final of the VII National Boxing Series and extended the good pace with which he celebrated an unprecedented assault on the top of the center’s qualifier.

The smile came with a balance of 50-33 points (6-5 fights), marked by two non-presentations of opponents, and had among its protagonists the continental subtitle Erislán Romero (52 kg) and the reinforcement from Sancti Spiritus Jorge Griñán (57), silver universal youth of 2016.

The latter, with incursions into the World Series, reminded us of the class with which he opened space in the elite and coined a 3-0 ruling at the expense of Luis Gabriel Correoso in a lawsuit involving abundant exchanges in which he combined and defended better.

Although his squad and the squad from Holguin seem to be destined for lagging positions here, the head of the southern delegation, Modesto Morales, stressed that the arrival at this instance becomes an important step that confirms the projection of the province.

“The possibility of increasing physical work, including actions on the sand, and the conditions we have in our academy were decisive,” he explained to around the domain exercised in the zonal stage.

“The boys gave themselves thoroughly, in correspondence with the dedication and cohesion that characterize our group of coaches and the support received to complete the designed plan,” he added.

“Now the mission is to focus on each stop, in search of the best result,” he said in the embellished Palacio de los Deportes Rafael Fortún, where the emotions extended until the last fight, when Néstor Santana (+91) undid the equalizer.

This Saturday the intermediate evening will place Havana and Pinar del Río as opponents, and the closing evening will have Camagüey and Guantánamo as cheerleaders, lists that led the edition three years ago, the last one before the suspensions decreed by covid-19.


48 kg: Ehibraján Perera (CFG) N/A

52 kg: Erislán Romero (CFG) 3-0 to Darwin Torres (HOL)

57 kg: Jorge Griñán (CFG) 3-0 to Luis Gabriel Correoso (HOL)

60 kg: José Miguel Vera Sánchez (HOL) 3-0 to Alain Yamil Calderón (CFG)

63 kg: Jairo Munive Ramírez (HOL) 2-1 to Erislandy Álvarez (CFG)

69 kg: Leonardo Jimenez (CFG) N/A

75 kg: Alex Michel Pérez (CFG) 5-0 to Yusmel Alejandro Ruiz (HOL)

81 kg: Jorge Manuel Soto (HOL) 3-0 to Michel Frías CFG)

86 kg: Carlos Pérez (HOL) 3-0 to Carlos A Cabrera Abreu (CFG)

91 kg: Freddy Alberto Pérez (HOL) 2-1 to Danisbel Cabarroca (CFG)

+ 91 kg: Nestor Santana (CFG) ABA-2 to Daniel Proenza (HOL)