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Ciro is 7 years old, he is one of the promises in Argentine boxing and his video captivated Chino Maidana: “I want to be a champion”

Ciro is 7 years old, he is one of the promises in Argentine boxing and his video captivated Chino Maidana: “I want to be a champion”

Ciro “The Owl” Cairo is 7 years old, is from Villa Ortúzar and is the youngest son of Soledad and Emanuel’s marriage. From the age of two, his parents noticed in him a particular interest in boxingalthough in principle they decided to send him to soccer, just like his older sister practices.

At the age of 5 they gave him his first boxing bag and the first gloves. From that moment on, Ciro trains every day in two different clubs and on weekends he does it at his house with his father. With the tenderness that characterizes a child his age, he dreams of being world champion and that one day “they will raise his hands above the ring,” he said.

On the day of the Argentine boxer, the story of this little great who, with a unique talent and incomprehensible skill for his young age, is already emerging as one of the promises of the coming years in Argentine boxing.

A little boy with a great future

It is everyday that the little ones copy their parents’ actions or thoughts during the growth process until they understand their own tastes. However, Ciro, an advanced who without knowing or having a history within his family, with only two years already knew that he wanted to practice boxing: “My parents took me to soccer, but I told them I didn’t want to go anymore. That he wanted to do boxing, ”said the boy who currently spends his mornings at school and in the afternoons he trains at Argentinos Juniors and Chacharita. His parents listened to Ciro’s request and accompanied him in his decision. Just as the boy had never had an approach to boxing, neither had his parents and they had to learn from him.

Over time, and seeing Ciro’s abilities for boxing, they set up a space in his house with sports equipment so that he can train in his spare time. “I don’t watch cartoons, I watch boxing fights,” he says. Like the greats of boxing, he also has a nickname that identifies him and describes his sporting ability. “The ‘Owl’ was given to me by my uncle, because he says that the field mouse is fast, but the Owl sees at night,” he added.

Ciro has a unique dedication to boxing, but also excellent sportsmanship. He dreams that one day a judge will raise his hands above a ring, as a sign of being the new world champion. He remembers many boxing evenings that he saw on television, but without a doubt his favorites are those in which Marcos “El Chino” Maidana participated. “I like a lot of boxers, like Maravilla Martínez, Brian Castaño, Floyd Mayweather. But the best of all is Chino Maidana, who goes forward, hits and hits. I want to be world champion like him,” he explained.

Since his training videos went viral on social networks, the boxer from Santa Fe, who is currently dedicated to holding sporting events, decided to contact Ciro’s family and invited them to one of his events to meet the little boy. champion. On that evening, he was not only able to share a moment with his idol, but also made an exhibition for everyone and for Chino Maidana himself who, according to the family, sat above the ring to see Ciro’s talent.

The family of the little champion

In Argentina, one of the most common sports is soccer. For this reason, Soledad and Emanuel, Ciro’s parents, believed that this would be a good activity for his son to practice when he was not at school.

Despite having the example of his sister, who plays soccer, Ciro never felt empathy with that sport and from an early age expressed his desire to box. His request surprised his parents, since there was no history of relatives who practiced that sport: “We do not know where he got his desire to box, because we were not to watch fights, more than the important evenings that were televised. My husband practiced boxing, but before Ciro was born.”

The little boy’s decision led his parents to learn about the sport and they even decided to set up a mini gym to contribute to his training. “Ciro is opening doors for us all the time. We learned many things from him and we want to be there to accompany him in every decision, ”revealed his mother.

Among the anecdotes that the little 7-year-old boxer has, the mother remembers that once he returned from school and asked what an autograph was and when they asked him where he knew that word from, Ciro commented that some older children had asked him for one but he didn’t know what it was. Regarding her son’s desire to be a world champion and succeed in sports, the mother assured that, as parents, they prioritize Ciro “to be happy and achieve his goals, all the ones he has, from now on.” . Although the little boy has a unique talent and great prospects in boxing, he cannot begin to exhibit as an amateur until he is 14 years old. Despite this, he wastes no time and trains every day to improve his technique and increase his skills.

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