Claribel Mena “La Rompe Corazones” supports her four children with boxing

SANTO DOMINGO.- Aware of the risks involved in getting into a ring to punch a rival, the young Claribel Mena decided to embrace boxing as her way

SANTO DOMINGO.- Aware of the risks involved in getting into a ring to punch a rival, the young Claribel Mena decided to embrace boxing as her way of life and main daily activity.

For Claribel Mena, who is nicknamed “La Rompe Corazones”, boxing is everything, because through this activity she supports her four children and it is the only way she has to improve her status and that of her family.

Mena says that she has been linked to boxing since she was born because she is the granddaughter of the late trainer Rafael “Felito” Peña, who took her to the gym from a very young age.

“I was practically born and raised in a gym, my grandfather always took me to see the training sessions, I would say that my interest in this sport was born from there,” said Mena.

However, due to study commitments and after getting married, he had to stay away from boxing for several years, which did not allow him to develop a broad career in the amateur field.

Her reunion with boxing occurred approximately four years ago, thanks to the intervention of her friend Wanda García, who, seeing her concern about the sport, suggested taking her to her father, who is a boxing coach.

“That’s how I rediscovered boxing, I always do exercises and one day Wanda saw me casting a shadow and told me that she was going to take her father, who is a coach, accept and that’s how this story began,” said La Rompe Corazones.

As a professional boxer, La Rompe Corazones, who competes at 140 and 147 pounds, has a record of 10 wins against one loss.

The young boxer says that she loves boxing, however she does not recognize the difficulty that this sport represents for women.

He pointed out that boxing is seen by many as an exclusive sport for men, which means that women’s boxing is sometimes discriminated against.

“It is difficult for us women to practice boxing, we do not have the same support as men, but also sometimes we have to deal with situations that are more difficult than getting into the ring and hitting another woman,” said La Rompe Corazones.

Regarding the development of his career, Mena says that he is comfortable with what has happened, although he says that he is going for more.

“I am happy with my career and grateful for what they have supported me, although I am fighting to achieve great things such as a world title and make several defenses,” said Mena, who defined herself as an admirer of the former world champion Oxandia Castillo and by Cecilia Braekhus

When talking about his next steps in boxing, Mena said that he has yet to fight for a Latin title against a Colombian boxer and is studying several international offers.

Currently, Mena trains in the gym of the Casa de los Clubes, under the guidance of coach Vicente de la Cruz.