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Club Billy Thompson, a praiseworthy effort boosts boxing

Club Billy Thompson A praiseworthy effort to promote amateur boxing

The Billy Thompson Club has been doing laudable work for amateur boxing for 48 years.
Since its foundation, on October 30, 1973, a group of young men and women have given themselves without pause to serve their country.

And that is an attitude that we must highlight, because without a doubt, the guys from the Billy Thompson club have managed to separate many young people from drugs and delinquency.

These children and young people have been more attentive to the practice of boxing, than engaging in illegal activities and that is due to the immense work of the Billy Thompson club.

Leaders, technicians and trainers of different boxing clubs and people who love this sport, have praised the work of the directors, members, volunteers and businessmen who have come together to work so that the Billy Thompson club can meet its objectives: Serve your community and contribute your grain of sand to the development of Dominican boxing.

The current directors are: Miguel Castillo Jiménez, president; Virgilio Secundino Morel, vice president, Johnny Morillo, general secretary and Julio Herrera, member.


I spoke with Miguel Castillo, coach and president of the club and he offered me details of the collaborators. They are: Importadora Yoryi, Francisco de la Cruz (Pipito), who is considered the godfather of the Club for his great contributions.
Agent de Cambio Rijo and Asociado, Amai Boxing and The King Boxing company have also been great allies.


The directors of the Billy Thompson club did justice by recognizing Don Antonio “Bobola” Encarnación, who founded that entity, last Sunday.

Don Antonio remembers great moments of the foundation of the club and highlighted that a group of young people and adults have not let the organization succumb.

Don Antonio “Bobola” Encarnación received a plaque for his great efforts over the years to keep the entity alive.

There was, among others, Judge Miguel Encarnación, son of Don Antonio, who was moved when he heard the praise for his father.

See you tomorrow, God willing, Dominicans.

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