Conor McGregor, the apprentice plumber who revolutionized the UFC

As much as he has been away from the octagon for a while, Conor McGregor's name is still recognized among UFC fans. The Irishman who stun

As much as he has been away from the octagon for a while, Conor McGregor’s name is still recognized among UFC fans. The Irishman who stunned the mixed martial arts world with his eccentric personality and anthology fighting is considered by many to be the man who revolutionized mixed martial arts.

But, perhaps, very few know everything that happened before entering the elite of world sport. On this occasion, we want to tell you some information about the path that the 33-year-old fighter traveled to achieve fame.

Conor McGregor: From Plumber’s Apprentice to UFC’s Top Star

After leaving school at the age of 17, McGregor had to find a path that would ensure his future and mixed martial arts was the best option. Unfortunately, his parents did not support his decision. “My mother and father used to feel sorry for me for having wrestling as a career,” said the wrestler, recalling those tough days. “He was like, ‘Go get a f***ing job. What are you doing? You’re not doing anything with your life.’ They asked me what I was going to do when I lose a fight.”

But McGregor knew his potential and bet on him. “I told them that when I reach 25 years old I will be a self-made millionaire. My father laughed at me. At 26 he was already rich. I was delayed for a year, but I made it.”

It seems like a perfect story, but the road to success was not easy at all. For 18 months he worked as a plumber’s apprentice. “He hated every minute of it. He worked 14 or 15 hours a day. I just thought, ‘This life is not for me, I’m going to pack up and chase my dreams.’ He stopped receiving a salary to live on unemployment insurance provided by the state while training with the aim of being a professional.

It was that he met two important people who would mark his life: his friend Tom Egan, the first Irishman to fight in the UFC, and his girlfriend Dee Devlin, who supported him on the most difficult days. “I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for her. I do all this for her. Under the guidance of his trainer John de El, he began fighting locally before finally being signed by the UFC five years later in 2013. However, when he made his winning debut against American Marcus Brimage, he was still taking state aid”.

But everything changed with a stroke of luck, in 2015 he received a shot at the 134-pound title against the Brazilian José Aldo. A surprise crossover ended the match in mere seconds, marking the high point of Conor McGregor’s magnificent career of later fame and riches.