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Conor McGregor turns 34, the iconic UFC mixed martial arts fighter

Conor McGregor turns 34, the iconic UFC mixed martial arts fighter

Written in SPORTS the 7/14/2022 04:44 a.m.

This Thursday is the considered as the most valuable fighter in the history of mixed martial arts of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The world star was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1988.

So far, his career has marked a before and after for the UFC, since it managed to place this mixed martial arts company in the biggest spotlights in the worldand generated the interest of many people for this sport.

He also known as ‘The Notorius’ holds the record for being the first UFC fighter to win two belts in parallel at lightweight and featherweightafter beating Eddie Álvarez by technical knockout at UFC 205, held on November 12, 2016.

Conor McGregor’s stats during his professional career are: 28 fightswith victory in 22 of them (19 by knockout) and has been defeated 6 (2 by knockout).

Why was Mcgregor nicknamed ‘The Notorius’?

Conor McGregor acquired this nickname from rapper The Notorious BIG.the Irishman asked for this nickname because he liked the music of the African-American, who was murdered in 1997.

McGregor has his own documentary

The documentary of the Irish fighter premiered on November 1, 2017. It lasts one hour and 30 minutes, where the life of McGregor is presented, who dedicated himself to plumbing thanks to his father, who taught him. It is told in the video with exclusive moments of his fights.

The documentary was titled: “Conor McGregor: the infamous” and you can see it through different platforms. On YouTube you can see it to buy or rent from 20 pesos.

In the footage too it was revealed that Conor McGregor suffered from bullying at school, and practiced boxing to be able to defend himself from the attacks he suffered. From there he turned to the sport of mixed martial arts and the rest is history.

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