Could it be Canelo? Find out who is the best Mexican boxer

* There are a large number of Mexican figures who managed to stand out in

* There are a large number of Mexican figures who managed to stand out in the sport of boxing, but there will always be someone who is better than everyone, stay and discover it

November 8, 2021 by Redacción

Boxing is one of the favorite sports of Mexicans, thanks to the fact that there are different boxers from Mexico who have made their name resonate in the sport. As in any discipline there will always be debates about who is the best athlete of all, in boxing there are those who point out that the old school is the best (Let’s remember the example where a renowned boxer accused that current boxing figures are “inflated” and that they have fake championships).

If you have ever wondered who is the best Mexican boxer, the official site of ESPA Deportes, we have found that question and we will finally know that Mexican is the best in boxing. With its 150 boxing legends, Mexico shows that its athletes have a great talent for boxing, although there are more recognized figures, only 159 Mexican boxers have obtained a world championship in the history of the sport.

According to ESPA Julio César heads the list of the best Mexican boxers, Julio holds the record for the most world championship fights in history with a total of 37, of which he won 31, drew two and lost four. He remained undefeated for 90 fights and was recognized in 1990 as the best boxer in the world. Another of the best is Rubén “Púas” Olivares who remained undefeated for 62 fights. His lethal left blow made him the favorite boxer of many, his fame was so great that he even starred in different films. Rubén is recognized as the first two-time champion boxer in Mexico.

Another of the best boxers in history is Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Márquez, who in 2012 was named the best boxer of that year after starring in one of the best boxing matches. That year Juan Manuel would face a legend of Manny Pacquio, that night El Dinamita surprised everyone when he knocked out Pacquio.

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