Councilors seek to update the Professional Boxing Regulations of the Municipality

Juarez City- The councilors who

Juarez City- The councilors who are members of the Governance and Sports and Physical Culture commissions set up a work table today to analyze and update the Municipal Professional , which will be reformed to reinforce the regulations focused on the safety and medical care of boxers who participate in fights.

In an extraordinary meeting, the council members formally declared a mixed commission that will meet on Tuesdays of each week until it concludes with a project to reform the municipal regulations that regulate professional boxing.

The coordinator of the Sports and Physical Culture Commission, Karla Michaeel Escalante, participated in the session, in addition to the councilors Amparo Beltrán Ceballos and Mayra Castillo Tapia; those of the Interior, Antonio Domínguez Alderete, Enrique Torres Valadez and Jorge Gutiérrez Casas.

As well as the director of the Municipal Institute of Sport and Physical Culture, Juan Escalante; of Civil Protection, Roberto Briones Mota; the Commissioner, Guillermo Pacheco, boxers and trainers of this sport.