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Courtois says enough – Sport-Journal

Thibaut Courtois’ season is over. The Madrid goalkeeper, one of the undisputed protagonists of the campaign, will not play international matches with his team, Belgium, corresponding to the Nations League in this June break.

in the last hours left the concentration after being subjected to various tests and consider among all that it is time to stop. Courtois has suffered a pubalgia throughout the courseso it is considered that a longer break at this time could be beneficial for Real Madrid and Belgium the next season in which there is also a World Cup.

Therefore, from this moment Courtois is on vacation. It has been a long and demanding year in which the Belgian has fully complied. The icing on the cake came with the Champions League final, in which he played a memorable game that he crowned with several decisive saves. The title, to a great extent, belongs to him. He will now be able to celebrate it without the requirement of having to play four more games.

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