Cristian Quinteros retained the provincial amateur title

He beat Leonel Pacheco by points in majority decision, in the background combat, corresponding to the category up to 69 kg, of the event organized

He beat Leonel Pacheco by points in majority decision, in the background combat, corresponding to the category up to 69 kg, of the event organized by Puñalada Promotions.

In the main fight of the night, which took place this Friday at the San Lorenzo de Vargas Club, Cristian Quinteros successfully defended the amateur provincial title of the category up to 69 kilograms.

Within the framework of a very even and intense fight, the champion ended up making the key difference in the third round, when he crossed a right hand to Pacheco’s face, which sent him to the canvas and determined the preventive count of referee Mario Rodríguez.

That difference ended up being decisive for the final result, which gave Quinteros the victory by points and majority decision, since two judges saw him as the winner and the rest gave a tie.

The fight was highly emotional, because the two fighters gave a total dedication to the show, beyond the fact that throughout the three rounds, there were not many clear hands on the part of either of them.

The first assault was the most even of all, because both Quinteros and Pacheco tried to have the initiative but were unable to prevail.

In the second round, the challenger took a slight advantage, since he landed the clearest hand, with a right hand to the champion’s face, which allowed him to be placed at the top of the partial cards.

However, at the beginning of the third lap, Quinteros hit a right hand that sent his rival to the canvas and then neutralized Pacheco, who went all out to reverse the deficit.

The end was exciting and vibrant, because the two gave themselves 100% for the show and showed great integrity, although there were no clear blows that could change the course of the cards and the champion ended up retaining his belt, after prevailing fairly and adjusted.


The festival, which was organized by Puñalada Promotions and was supervised by the Riojana Boxing Federation, also had ten complementary fights and three exhibitions.

In the bottom of the night, Yamil Abdul (102 kg) made his debut with a resounding victory, as he beat Jonathan Rivero Jofré (122,800 kg) by knockout at 1´25´´ of the second round in the framework of the category of more than 91 kg.

Abdul showed all his potential and made a difference from the beginning of the fight, when he worked mostly on his rival’s liver area, which showed that the fight would have an anticipated opponent.

Despite what many predicted, Rivero managed to finish the round and went out to fight in the second round, but Yamil Adbul continued to dominate the fight and with a tremendous left foot to the chin, he sent his rival to the canvas and determined the early end of the fight. .

The power of the blow was such that Rivero had to be assisted by medical personnel on the ring and came down accompanied by his second, visibly dizzy from the blow suffered.

The other combat that was defined in advance was the ninth fight of the night, where Mario Oliva beat Samuel Resquín from Chamical by RCS (referee suspended combat) 25 seconds into the first, in the duel corresponding to the category until 75kg

Another of the winners of the night was Fernando Narváez, who defeated Chilean Ismael Quinteros by points in the category up to 75 kg, while in the divisional category up to 64 kg, Marcelo Calivar (Chilecito) beat Gustavo Moreno and Sebastián Espinosa did the same. on Maicol Peñaloza (Chilecito).

In the category up to 69 kg, Brian Moreno defeated Brian Soria and Laureno Rombolá defeated Luciano Castro.

In addition, the duels between Kevin Álamo and the Chilean Estéfano Capello (up to 69 kg), Josué Maldonado against the Chilean Rolando Calivar (up to 60 kg) and Alexis Oro against the Chilean Gastón Martínez (over 91 kg) were also tied.

The day also featured exhibitions between Ricardo Fioramonti with Marcos Páez and Antonio Quinteros with Rodrigo Young, and a non-contact children’s boxing demonstration that Isaías Moreno performed with his teacher, Luis Vega.

Summary of the evening

Category up to 69 kg: Brian Moreno beat Brian Soria on points.

Category up to 64 kg: Sebastián Espinosa beat Maicol Peñaloza (Chilecito) by points.

Category up to 69 kg: Laureano Rombolá beat Luciano Castro by points.

Category up to 64 kg: Marcelo Calivar (Chilecito) beat Gustavo Moreno on points.

Category up to 69 kg: Tie between Kevin Álamo and Estéfano Capello (Chilecito).

Category up to 60 kg: Tie between Josué Maldonado and Rolando Calivar (Chilecito).

Category up to 75 kg: Fernando Narváez beat Ismael Quinteros (Chilecito) by points.

Category over 91 kg: tie between Alexis Oro and Gastón Martínez (Chilecito).

Category up to 75 kg: Mario Oliva beat Samuel Resquín (Chamical) by RSC.

Category over 91 kg: Yamil Abdul beat Jonathan Rivero Jofré by knockout.

Category up to 69 kg- amateur provincial title: Cristian Quinteros beat Leonel Pacheco by points.

Exhibitions: Ricardo Fioramonti vs. Marcos Paez and Antonio Quinteros vs. Rodrigo Young.

Children’s boxing demonstration without contact: Isaías Moreno.

The DATA: Yamil Abdul, the rugbier who debuted as a boxer

One of the peculiarities that Friday night had at Club San Lorenzo was the presentation of Yamil Abdul, who in the night’s semi-bottom beat Jonathan Rivero Jofré by a resounding knockout in the Over 91 kg category. .

Abdul is 36 years old and in addition to his debut as a boxer, he is a rugby player, since for several years he has been a member of the top squad of Chelcos Rugby Club.

However, the sporting incursion is not limited to these two disciplines, since before becoming a rugby player he was a soccer player and served as a striker for the Andino Sport Club first team (he also played for Defensores de la Boca), and was also full contact fighter

Another athlete from a different discipline who appeared at the festival on Friday was Rodrigo Young, a former basketball player and son of the renowned North American Roadney Young, who starred in one of the night’s performances.


The next boxing festival in La Rioja will be on Friday, June 10, on a stage to be determined, when a professional double bottom will take place.

In one of the fights, Alexis el “Zurdito” Rearte (5-6-1) will face Luis Rosalez (1-2-0) from Santiago, in what will be the rematch of the last victory achieved by the Riojan.

And in the other will be presented Matías Herrera (5-3-0), who will face Luis Santillán from Santiago (2-0-0).

Riojan victory in Catamarca

Within the framework of the festival that took place this Friday at the North Sports Center in the city of Catamarca, a representative from La Rioja appeared in one of the complementary combats.

This is Carlos Páez, who in the category up to 91 kg, beat the local Simón Rojas by points in three laps.