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Meridian Drafting Prior to the match between Manchester United and Liverpool, a great English football classic, one of the most str


Prior to the match between United and , a great English football classic, one of the most striking images was seen at the start of the season; In the middle of the warm-up, came to greet old acquaintances, and with them was Jamie , a well-known former Liverpool player whom he walked past and completely ignored.

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The Portuguese came to greet two former Manchester figures, Gary Neville and Roy Keane who now work for the Sky Sports network, along with the former Liverpool defender. Carragher tried to greet the Manchester forward a couple of times, however, he did not flinch.

The bad relationship between the two football figures is well known, Carragher repeatedly criticized the performance that Cristiano Ronaldo had with Manchester last season, something that he seems never to have forgotten or forgiven… now he “responds” publicly in a packed stadium and in front of television cameras.