Cruzeiro Esporte Clube: recognized Brazilian soccer team lands in Peru with academy for boys and girls | ADVERTISING

The practice of sport in children is a key activity for their physical and emotional development, which allows them to generate good habits while h

The practice of in children is a key activity for their physical and emotional development, which allows them to generate good habits while having fun, meeting new friends and healthily competing for personal and group achievements. In the case of team sports, it even contributes to the formation of character and encourages socialization in an environment of constant learning and respect for the rules and opponents.

The arrival of the summer holidays is the right moment for the choice of the sport that the children and adolescents of the house will practice, seeking not only to maintain good physical and mental health, but also to contribute to their formation in values ​​that allow them to be better people in the future.


With a purpose that focuses on the happiness of children as an engine of learning, the mythical Brazilian soccer club Cruzeiro – a team through which figures such as former Real Madrid striker and the Brazilian team passed, Ronaldo – opens its doors in the country through its Academy Peru. All boys and girls between 4 and 15 years of age who want to learn and practice soccer will be able to do so in their first summer cycle in Peru, which will include the months of January and February of the year 2022 and whose enrollment is already open.

“We are convinced of the power that has as a tool for integration and improvement for our society. For this reason, at the order is: good people, good athletes, good footballers, always ”, says Adolfo Unda, sports director of Cruzeiro EC Academy Peru.

In addition to providing advice on sports psychology, nutrition and injury prevention, the Brazilian club’s youth academy brings the “Cruzeiro methodology”. This fosters the cognitive development of learning by guiding children in decision-making, allowing them to make mistakes and then reflect on their own in solving problems.

Cruzeiro EC Academy Peru also grants the possibility of living the “Cruzeiro EC Experience”. This consists of a cultural and sports exchange that will allow the children of the academy in Peru to experience the essence of the club in the same Cruzeiro EC Youth Training Center, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. There they will be able to share experiences, learn about the reality and competition of Brazilian soccer and practice this beautiful sport in one of the most important clubs on the continent.

“The Cruzeiro EC Academy Peru project is a real bet that seeks to contribute to the training of young soccer players in Peru. In the coming years we will participate in federative tournaments for minors in the country, seeking to give visibility to both women and men who have a taste for this sport ”, highlights Martin Canales, commercial director of Cruzeiro EC Academy Peru.