Cuba for superior performance in world boxing

At last the International Boxing Association (AIBA) followed in the footsteps of others such as wrestling, which celebrate their World Championship

At last the International Boxing Association (AIBA) followed in the footsteps of others such as wrestling, which celebrate their World Championships with an expanded forum, that is, with more divisions than the Olympic ones.

The claim made by several countries will come true in the upcoming world contest, which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, from October 25 to November 5.

The call opens the possibility for many nations to reach metals, and for Cuba it is an excellent opportunity to try to achieve a historic result, almost impossible after the reduction of categories.

When there were 12, one less than it will be now, the largest of the Antilles signed its best vintage in Tampere 1993, when it obtained eight gold medals.

Subsequently, very good results were given, but by distributing fewer medals it was practically impossible to overcome what was done in the Finnish edition.

From now on it seems that we will have more options, although it will be in future editions, because the initially announced payroll invited optimism despite missing an important piece such as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic monarch Arlen López, but the Covid-19 came to light once plus.

Arlen had to be our representative in the 80 kilogram division but personal problems affected his preparation and the technical group was unable to send another fighter in this weight because the registration period had already closed.

However, the Antillean squad looks powerful with the presence of the other three golds of the Japanese capital: Andy Cruz (63.5), Roniel Iglesias (71) and Julio César La Cruz (92), in addition to the multi-champion of the world and tan summer Lázaro Álvarez (60).

Obviously, the main objective is to overcome what was done in the Yekaterinburg 2019 edition, when Andy contributed gold, Lázaro silver and La Cruz bronze. This, in my view, will not be complicated, but we could have gone for more if the pandemic does not strike again.

The renowned Yosbany Veitía (54) and Dainier Peró (more than 92) were also strong candidates to climb the podium, but they were low at the last minute like Billy Rodríguez (48) and Damián Arce (51).

For the latter two, contagion is more sensitive because the planetary fight was like water in the desert, and a moment that they should not miss to fill the view of the technical group.

That is the other importance of the increase in categories, because we can take advantage of these jousts to blank out more figures, because with the disappearance of the World Series of Boxing, practically only the holder of each category can add rounds at the international level.

This is how the newcomers Osvel Caballero (57), Kevin Brown (67) and Herich Ruiz (86) will live it, as well as Yoenlis Hernández (75)) who is the owner of his weight at the national level, but he must show his credentials to the world .

The tournament will provide another novelty, because in addition to the unprecedented number of 13 categories for the first time in the history of amateur boxing, each contestant will be able to go out on the tarp with the clothing they want and not with the traditional blue and red colors, something that will undoubtedly provoke more attractive and will encourage everyone’s creativity. So from now on we will see many boxers wearing different outfits, some with their nicknames, others reverence for their countries or their cultures, but without a doubt with more color.

All these steps (uniforms, elimination of headers, lighter gloves, cash prizes) are part of an obvious strategy to bring amateurism closer to professional boxing and attract sponsors and figures from that field to increase competitiveness in each fight organized by the AIBA . Perhaps more exponents of rented boxing will be added, which would raise the quality and competitiveness of all events and will help erase the threat of removing this sport from the Olympic program.