Cuba with eight sports today led by boxing

Havana, Nov 26 (ACN) Today Cuba will have action in 12 sports, led by boxing, in the I Junior Pan American Games Cali 2021, officially

Havana, Nov 26 (ACN) Today will have action in 12 sports, led by , in the I Junior Pan American Games Cali 2021, officially inaugurated this Thursday at the Pascual Guerrero Stadium in the Colombian city.

He wanted the draw for the discipline of the fists that Luis Reynoso, of 81 kilograms (kg), Ronny Álvarez (91 kg) and Adrián Fresneda (+91 kg) debut in the quarterfinals in divisions that bring together seven, five and five contestants, respectively, and this allowed to celebrate in advance, although everyone’s gaze is beyond.

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Cuban boxing advanced three bronzes in Cali 2021

For this reason, the only Cuban boxer who will go up to the ring today is Ewart Marín (52 kg), who will face the Salvadoran Steven Francisco Rodríguez in the second of the 10 fights to be disputed from two in the afternoon at the Luis Ignacio Álvarez Coliseum, where girls will also compete, but without the presence of the largest of the Antilles.

The other Cubans registered are Jorge Forcades (69 kg), Pavel Echaide (57 kg) and Kryhztian Barrera (75 kg), with the first called to face this Saturday who a day before is the winner of the fight between the Argentine Dustin Castro and the Brazilian Alisson Peixoto.

As planned, this Friday Cuba will also compete as beginners, in baseball, judo, taekwondo, triathlon, archery, shooting, swimming, badminton and track cycling, while in canoeing it will complete its second day, as well as in diving, a discipline in which this Thursday he won the first gold medal of the Games with his mixed team.

Another outstanding performance was in canoeing, since this Thursday the kayaker Reinier Carrera and the canoeist José Ramón Pelier advanced to the A finals in the single-seater kayak (K-1) and the single-seater canoe (C-2), in both cases at A thousand meters.