Cuban Alberto Puig integrates continental boxing board

Havana.- THE CONFEDERATION American Boxing Association (AMBC) chose the president of the Cuban federation, Alberto Puig de la Barca, among the members of its Board of Directors.

“It is a recognition of the prestige achieved by our country,” Puig commented after the congress organized in Panama, where the structure with which the head of the entity, Puerto Rican José Laureano, will exercise the mandate that was assigned to him since last September, was completed.

The American Tyson Lee and the Honduran Dhany Reyes agreed to the vice presidencies as part of a meeting that also approved the format of divisions to be played in the Central American and Caribbean Games and the Pan American Games agreed for next year.

By the way, it was learned that both the regional event in San Salvador and the continental one in Santiago de Chile will be governed by the system designed for the 2024 Paris Olympics: seven among men (51, 57, 63.5, 71, 80, 92 and over 92 kilos), and six in the female sector (50, 54, 57, 60, 66 and 75 kilos).

Also this weekend the European confederation elected the Greek Ioannis Filippatos as the new leader and the International Boxing Association confirmed that its current number one, the Russian Umar Kremlev, will choose to remain in office, with the Dutchman Boris van der Vorst as his opponent. .

The elections will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, during an Extraordinary Congress convened for May 13 and 14 during the world championship for girls.

There, a new board of directors of 18 members will also be defined, including at least five women and a representative of each confederation, regardless of their presidents, who will hold positions without having to appear among the nominees, who are 26.