Cuban boxing advanced three bronzes in Cali 2021

Cali, Colombia, Nov 25 (ACN) Cuba did not need to wait for the opening bell to access three bronzes that opened the doors of the med

Cali, Colombia, Nov 25 (ACN) did not need to wait for the opening bell to access three bronzes that opened the doors of the medal table in the tournament of the .

The draw wanted Luis Reynoso, weighing 81 kg, Ronny Álvarez (91 kg) and Adrián Fresneda (+91 kg) to debut in the quarterfinals in divisions that bring together seven, five and five contestants, respectively, and this allowed us to celebrate in advance, although everyone’s gaze is beyond.

In the town of Buga, sub-headquarters for that fight, the Cuban federation Alberto Puig de la Barca highlighted today that the seven boys who arrived there have trained hard, determined to contribute to the excellent international season of their sport.

“The dedication and discipline that characterized the work in Havana continues to be evident here, and there is a very positive atmosphere, without this implying excess confidence,” he commented on the squad that this Friday will have a single competitive commitment.

The one in charge of turning it into victory will be Ewart Marín (52 kg), opposite of the Salvadoran Steven Francisco Rodríguez in the second of the 10 fights to be disputed from two in the afternoon at the Luis Ignacio Álvarez Coliseum.

Also called for the women’s sector, the fair has the additional incentive of granting places for the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile 2023, arranged for the divisions in which the scepters are obtained.

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In other words: unlike what has traditionally happened in this discipline, the winners will pay quotas to their countries, without “names”, an aspiration often cherished in the face of the main multisport events.

The other Cubans registered are Jorge Forcades (69 kg), Pavel Echaide (57 kg) and Kryhztian Barrera (75 kg), with the first called to face on Saturday who a day before emerges the winner between the Argentine Dustin Castro and the Brazilian Alisson Peixoto.