Cuban Hugo Noriega continues his fast pace in professional boxing and reaches a 10-round fight

Hugo Noriega has no time to lose. This Saturday he is going to his third professional fight against the Argentine Diego Vicente Pérez, who could b

has no time to lose. This Saturday he is going to his third professional fight against the Argentine Diego Vicente Pérez, who could be one of the last doors to cross before taking a leap in quality in exposure and relevance in his young professional career.

Huge for a welterweight, Hugo Noriega left a sweet sensation in his professional debut after defeating Mexican Alberto Delgado by knockout in the first round and then by unanimous decision against also Argentine Ramón de la Cruz Serna, using his tremendous reach and height of intelligently and showing that he does not lack power in his combinations.

According to the promoter M&R, Noriega will be speeded up because they believe that his great amateur experience will help him make his way in this difficult division. Whatever happens, this fighter from Santa Clara can be a problem for anyone going forward.

Third professional fight, how do you get to it?

“We have done a great job, I think the best camp so far and that will be seen in this fight that we are going to have on Saturday. I think that a lot is born from the confidence of the time that has passed, the experiences that we have had. One already feels more in a professional environment”.

It’s the first at 10 rounds…

“Every boxer goes up to the ring to finish his fight before the limit. If the knockout comes out, great. If it doesn’t come out, well, it doesn’t matter, because I’m prepared for 10 rounds and everything that’s needed. They say that much of the fight is won in the gym and I have that part won.”

They tell me in M&R that they want to take you faster than the rest.

“Yes, perhaps because of the experience I have, they have realized that I can advance quickly. I think they have a good plan for my career and I am grateful to them for the opportunities they are giving me and I hope that with my effort the doors will continue to open”.

You garnered praise in your first two fights, are you satisfied?

“It has been a sudden change, but positive. Amateur and professional boxing are not the same thing. In a very short time I have had to adapt to what this type of boxing requires, but thanks to my coach these things are coming out, but of course there is still a lot to do and improve”.

They say that after this fight, the challenges would be greater.

“We are ready and motivated. Here we are far from the family, but everything in life is a sacrifice. We came here to succeed and grow to be able to help them, but I feel happy with what is happening”.