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By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas Just as we had predicted in previous comments, the boxer from Camaguey Kevin Brown (68-23) was going to a difficul

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

Just as we had predicted in previous comments, the boxer from Camaguey Kevin Brown (68-23) was going to a difficult quarter-final match against the experienced Georgian Lasha guruli (49-16) in order to be included in the podium of his division, the 67 kg, in this World Boxing Championship.

The Agramontino, in need of showing his best boxing, came out impetuous to seek victory over the ring of the Stark Arena in Belgrade, Serbia, the venue of the competitions, but it was not enough to secure the bronze medal and a minimum of $ 25,000 in prize money, after falling by a divided decision of 2-3 against Guruli.

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The first round began with a study by both boxers in the opening minute, and then gave way to constant exchanges of blows, which, in the opinion of this editor, were favorable all the time for the Cuban, who took the first assault on the ballots of the five judges unanimously by 10-9.

However, knowing the score, Guruli tried to pick up his pace in the middle round, but instead of hitting more he dedicated himself to grabbing the Cuban and, from time to time, throwing a blow. Brown sadly fell into the Georgian’s game, diminished his hitting and allowed a fight he could win to get entangled. Three of the five judges saw Guruli win the round and two repeated in favor of the Cuban, so that, until that moment, three referees had equal to 19 and two showed a 20-18 favorable to the Camagüey.

In that second round of the fight, Brown let out his tanned metal and the 25 thousand dollars because in the third, it was more of the same that we have seen with him in the contest: clear signs of fatigue on the ring and less hit, to moments moving around the ring and avoiding the exchange, enough elements for four judges to give the final segment to Guruli, who threw the best blows of the round.

At the end of the fight, both fighters raised their arms in triumph but the judges decided in favor of the Georgian by 3 × 2 and scores of 29-28, 29-28, 29-28, 28-29 and 27-30 in favor. of the European.

Several specialists and fans consider that the Cuban was stripped of the victory against Guruli but the truth is that it was a very close fight that could be favorable to either of the two fighters. The referees decided in favor of the Georgian and that is the final result, but neither did Brown overpower the opponent to win easily, nor did Guruli do the same against the Agramontino.

In this way, Kevin Brown is eliminated from the World Cup in the quarterfinal phase and goes home empty-handed, representing the third defeat of the Cuban squad in the tournament, with 15 victories, 10 of them achieved consecutively. , streak that just ended.

Today the other five Cubans will enter the ring with objectives similar to those of the Agramontino.

Without further ado, here I leave you with the combat of Kevin Brown (67 kg) for you to make your assessment in this regard. Full swing will continue to give full coverage to the results of Cuban boxers in this event and all the information you can find in this link