Czech Perez. His path through Red Bull, one of the great Formula 1 teams

The way of Czech Perez by Formula 1 lives from 2021, probably its most successful chapter. Sergio Perezdriver from Guadalajara who has managed to

The way of Czech Perez by Formula 1 lives from 2021, probably its most successful chapter.

Sergio Perezdriver from Guadalajara who has managed to stay in the top category since 2011, just celebrated a decade in with his arrival at the powerful Austrian team.

But not everything has been rosy, at least at first.

Czech signed with with the pressure, first of the pilots who had the seat and could not stay as Pierre Gasley and Alex Albanand after the criticism they mentioned, it would not have the capacity to take control of one of the leading teams in the Formula 1.

His adaptation was not the best at first, in the first five races he seemed not to give an extra, compared to the level shown in his previous teams, especially in Racing Point, until the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

It was in baku where Perez, on the RB16Against all odds, he took the victory, his second as a driver in the premier class and the first as a Red Bull driver.

From then on, the Mexican gained more confidence, convinced the bosses and finalized his renewal, which was confirmed on August 27. So Checo had already secured his place for the 2022.

The season progressed, the man from Guadalajara continued with the sum of points for himself and for the team, he showed his spectacular care with the tires, but also the way he defended his position on the track, the one that led him to be named “Mexican Minister of defense” by the followers of the F1.

Pérez had vibrant clashes that year, especially with the Mercedes (Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas). Even remembered and named “Legend” by his teammate Max Verstappen, when he defended up to the maximum position 1 in the last race of that year, a situation that favored Max Verstappen to get his first drivers’ championship.

Already in 2022, with a new year ahead and expectations even higher, Perez at first it was more adapted to the new single-seater (RB18) than the Dutch. And although the European now no longer struggles with that, Checo has had, without a doubt, his best season in the Formula 1.

So much so that the controversy over the Spanish Grand Prix where the strategy dictated that the engineers ask Pérez for space to let Max pass, caused annoyance in the Jalisco driver himself, but in the end, what Checo has also marked in Red Bull, knowing how to work as a team, paid off, since a week later, in Montecarlo, he achieved the dream of many and that few achieve, to win the Monaco Grand Prix.

After that third victory in his career and that allowed him to overcome Pedro Rodriguez to be the most winning Mexican in the highest category, Perez He already has a new renewal, one that will give him two more years in the seat of the Austrians and that will surely give more joy to all his fans and why not, fight for the world title.

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