Dani Berna, pioneer of professional golf in Soria, will fight for the Alps de las Castillas

Danny Bern. © Federico Capretti/Alps Tours Dani Bernplayer of Alps Tourswill fight for Alps of the Castillas

Danny Bern. © Federico Capretti/Alps Tours

Dani Bernplayer of Alps Tourswill fight for Alps of the Castillas as host of Soria Golf Course, where he aspires to move up in the ranking after achieving two top 10 finishes, to achieve his dream and make the leap to the Challenge Tour. He kicks off the great week of professional golf in Soria.

“This week is very important for professional sport in Soria – assures Berna, host of the Alps de las Castillas -, it is the first international professional golf tournament to be played here, and I am very excited for people to come, enjoy themselves and have fun. Of course I would love to have a good result, it would make me happy to win, but what makes me most excited is that the tournament is a success. All the people who work at the Golf Course deserve it, who have worked very hard, and all the members, who have supported us a lot so that the tournament can be played. Day to day in winter here is hard, and I think a lot of people are going to come over the weekend to watch the final”.

and Bern will be one of the players who attract the local public to see the players of the Alps Tour, where golf stars are born, in this tournament that counts towards the world ranking, since he is one of the regular players of the Alps Tour and the first golfer from Soria in competition.

“The first professional in Soria is not me, it was my brother Álvaro, but he dedicated himself to teaching and is now the Manager of the Golf Course and as such he is dying for everything to go perfectly this week; I later became a professional and dedicated myself to competing. We are a family of golf enthusiasts, and we started playing in a meadow 4 kilometers from here, when there was no golf course yet. With which the first time I played on a golf course I was amazed at how the ball rolled on the course, especially on the greens, it seemed incredible to me”.

Dani turned professional in the summer of 2015, finishing the Spanish Championship in Laukariz, “and the following week I switched to professional. It was a sudden change, as an amateur you see it differently, but when you are a professional you realize the competition there is. You don’t have to beat 10 players, you have 150 players in front of you and they all have a chance of winning. It takes a lot of humility, a lot of patience, a lot of head and having a good team that supports you, because it is not an easy road and since covid it is being very hard, but just as hard for everyone.

My best professional season was 3 years ago, I played very well and almost made it to the Challenge; This year I’ve had three very good weeks in a row, because until now there hadn’t been any cuts unfortunately, but it’s been hard because due to lack of sponsors I can’t play in all the tournaments I’d like.

I play as much as I can in Spain, and I go with my van. Three years ago, before the pandemic, I bought a van to take the boys from the School to the tournaments. The pandemic arrived and you are not going to lose the one-year-old van, so I converted it, put a bed in it and with that I travel to tournaments, they let me park it at the club and they give me all kinds of facilities. You have to cut expenses anyway, if you save hotel expenses, that’s what you’ve earned.

The golfer’s life is not as beautiful as it seems, it is very hard. People think that we come to play the 3 days of the tournament, the ProAm and that’s it, but the life of the athlete is hard and sacrificed, you have to give up many things. But it is my passion, and I am happy to be able to dedicate myself to it.

I’ve always been a big fan of Sergio García, and I still am, and of Tiger, if I keep watching golf on TV it’s because they play. I haven’t been able to see Tiger but I have seen Sergio, when I was at Blume a Spanish Open coincided at the National Center and on the practice lap we went with him and he talked to us.

The Alps Tour is a fantastic circuit where you learn a lot, you learn what life is like for a professional athlete and as a golfer, it is a circuit in which you have to do a few things, no matter what, just like in the Challenge and in the Tour, and the level is very high. The competition is very tough, and whatever circuit you play, you have to be a good player and improve day by day”.

Tomorrow will start Alps of the Castillas at the Soria Golf Club, which will start at 8:15 am and the last games will take to the field at 2:29 pm. Dani Berna will leave at 1:34 p.m. for the 10th tee.

The Alps of Las Castillas It is possible thanks to the union of the Golf Federation of Castilla León and Castilla La Mancha, with the Royal Spanish Golf Federation. It also has the support of the Soria Golf Club, the Soria City Council, the Soria Provincial Council, the Higher Sports Council, Alps Tour, EDP Solar, Kyocera, Mahou San Miguel and Solán de Cabras under the organization of JGOLF. The Alps de Las Castillas supports the celebration of the Solheim Cup 2023.