Danik Michell demonstrates his great power with boxing gloves

Mexico.- As a small sample of everything he learned in boxing, Danik Michell shared a video on his account Instagram where he is seen practicing b

Mexico.- As a small sample of everything he learned in boxing, shared a video on his account Instagram where he is seen practicing boxing, a discipline that he has been perfecting for a long time and it seems that the days go by and every time he is the best version of it, he even dodges the blows like the great Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

It is not a secret that Danik Michell is a lover of taking care of his figure and has long found in him box a great relief to remove stress and gain strength and above all condition to lead a life so busy that you have between television programs, photo sessions and everything you want to do in your spare time.

As this video Danik Michell had already shown some others, in the parks of the CDMX, from his building and of course his gym where he has everything to have the figure you want with long hours of training. In the same way, her videos show that she practices it and does it well, movements, coordination and striking is extremely powerful, which impresses those who see her for the first time.

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Carefully in addition to showing her great strength and some of her curves, Danik Michell also used it to generate motivation and is that one of the things that her Mexican influencer is to empower women and what better way to give them the idea of ​​what to do to find good with oneself and find the self-love that is sometimes forgotten.

“Morra, you know how many out there would give anything to be with you. Remember that everyone who makes you shed tears is because they do not deserve it, so get up, dry those tears and go and get prettier and hotter. Cheer up, bitch” , were the words with which Danik Michell tried to encourage his fans and boy did he succeed.

Danik Michell owns a figure to envy her | Photo: Instagram Danik Michell

Many in their networks are women who trust Danik Michell to take her as an example to get to have the physique they want so much, always taking the good advice that she always gives in her networks like this, “That’s the attitude”, “Blessed attitude and thanks for the motivation “, he commented, there were even those who asked him for a round of boxing.

Just as boxing is one of Danik Michell’s favorite sports, he has also practiced others such as tennis, he has even been seen surfing, athletics and several more but the most important thing no matter which one is done is that it affects in a positive way like her it has worked for him.

Danik Michell after his participation in Acapulco shore She has become a total influence on , because although in reality she showed a stronger attitude in real life, she is much calmer but always looking to be number 1 in what she does.

Canelo trembles! Danik Michell trains boxing with great intensity and confirms that he is good at punches.