Danny Green’s staggering negative NBA record

At 34 years old, Danny green, outside of the Sixers, has lived in many moments of his life surrounded by luxury, secondary to the NBA but one of the most distinguished in that role, provided his showcase with valuable jewels, nothing less than three rings with Spurs (2014), Raptors (2019) and Lakers (2020). However, ruinous, his striking and unproductive figures last night finished off a viral performance by negative in the victory of his team against Orlando magic: 0 points, 0 rebounds, 0 assists, 0 steals and 0 blocks In 24 minutes of play!

Toward five years that nothing like it was seen in the NBA, since the last player to not produce for his team in so much playing time was Tony snell with the Bucks in 2017 against the Blazers although with minutes, 28. However, not so long ago that a player exceeded 20 minutes without contributing absolutely nothing to his team. It couldn’t be other than one of the Lakers, Avery bradley, which produced 0 for the gold and purple in October in the second game of the course against the Suns in 21 minutes in a kind of premonitory parody of what was going to be the even unstable Angelina franchise this season. “Sixers, I promise I can give you a performance like Danny Green tonight … and I look better,” commented a fan on Twitter in one of the many reactions.

Like Bradley and Snell, Green’s consolation is that he did not commit no loss, which did not stop him from finishing with a -13, a -25 in the case of the outside of the Lakers. The only statistics in which the Sixers player did not go blank were the fouls committed (1), and the shots of two (2) and three (3), equally negative figures since he did not convert. no release.

Including Green, Bradley, and Snell, there have been nine more players in NBA history to add to. a total of 12 who have left the track accumulating zeros in 20 minutes or more of the game. The one who had the dubious honor of being the first was TR Dunn with the Nuggets in 1986, following him Warren kidd (Philadelphia), 1994), Glen rice (Houston, 2001), Walter McCarty (Boston, 2002), John salmons (Sacramento, 2008), Ryan gomes (Minnesota, 2010), Hollis thompson (Philadelphia), 2014) and André Roberson (Oklahoma, 2016).

‘Thanks’ to Green, the Sixers widen their gap in front of such a negative ranking with three players with this record, being the only franchise with more than one player with these figures. In addition, it removes the loneliness in this ruinous record Glen rice, who until now had been the only NBA champion (with the Lakers in 2000) with this record. Mind you, Danny Green is the first with more than one ring that gets it. Even so, Snell continues to be the worst stopped, since he is the one who has registered the series of zeros in the longest playing time, 28 minutes.