Del Nido assures that he will return to football

Drafting 09/09/2022 Spanish football from the 90s of the last century, when several presidents of clubs with more media cove



Spanish football from the 90s of the last century, when several presidents of clubs with more media coverage than the players themselves, coincided, is the central theme of the new Movistar+ production ‘The League of Extraordinary Men’.

In the 90s, in a carefree Spain eager for modernity and enrichment, a group of businessmen took over the country’s main football clubs: Augusto César Lendoiro (Deportivo de La Coruña), José María del Nido (Seville), Manuel Ruiz de Lopera (Betis), José María Caneda (Compostela), Joan Gaspart (Barcelona) and Teresa Rivero (Rayo Vallecano). All of them are the protagonists of the series.

“We wanted to make a portrait of the 90s through presidents who were unrepeatable and unique, they were characters who were more idols than the footballers themselves. They had spectacular charisma and did things that were unbelievable today,” explained Alejandro Marzoa , director of the series, which premieres on September 19.

Football is the engine of ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ but the series “goes further”, according to the Movistar+ entertainment director, Juan Andrés García: “It is not the typical sports series, it is a trip to that time when everything was very different. We will talk about machismo, racism and homophobia that existed in those years, but at the same time it has quite a few comic overtones”.

Produced by Producciones del Barrio and Producciones del KO, the presentation of the docuseries at the Vitoria Festival was attended by videoconference by Augusto César Lendoiro, former president of the legendary Super Depor. He recalled how the presidents of the 90s debated on television after the match, “something that is now unheard of and impossible, and that has been lost by football and the spectator”.

“Most of today’s presidents either don’t like football or they don’t know how, that’s why they don’t speak at the end of the games, they escape from that responsibility, denying the fan what he likes the most. I knew that when I finished I had to attend to the media, at least 15 minutes”, has pointed out.

Lendoiro has also remembered how badly the media used to give him a hard time: “The questions they asked you were very hard. The interviews today only say generalities, banalities. Honestly, I don’t think they say anything.”

He has also intervened telematically Jose Maria del Nidoformer president of Sevilla to advance his possible return to the world of football: “José María del Nido is going to return to football, there is no doubt. And we must use the same methods, because that direct way of dealing with issues went well for me. I wouldn’t know how to do it any other way”. has said.

Footballers like Pedja Mijatovic, Paul Alfaro; coach Fernando Vazquez; the president of the Club Deportivo Leganés María Victoria Pavón; specialists such as Ana Bernal and Toni Roca, and journalists Olga Viza, Mónica Marchante, Alfredo Relaño, Vicente Vallés and Àngels Barceló, among others, also participate with their testimony in this production in which humor is not lacking.