Demian Maia expects one last UFC fight, open to Jiu-Jitsu fights with MMA fighters

Demian Maia is not done in mixed martial arts yet. Maia is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Belal Muhammad at UFC 263 in June, where he loo

Demian Maia is not done in mixed martial arts yet. Maia is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Belal Muhammad at UFC 263 in June, where he looked far from impressive, to say the least.

After the fight, UFC president Dana White declared more or less that it was the Brazilian’s last fight.

«I think it was his last fight. It was the last fight in their deal. Have [43 años]. It’s been so good getting in there securing the takedown, getting on top of people and just strangling them or grabbing something and twisting it until you quit, and he couldn’t do it tonight.

However, Maia is still waiting for one more fight in the UFC.

I’ve fought my entire life in the UFC. That’s my home. I want to do one last fight there, and I think it depends on what happens in Brazil. That is a feeling that my manager and I have. If they are going to have fan shows here soon, I think it will attract the interest of the UFC for me to fight.

“I’m waiting and seeing what happens, but I want to fight one last fight. I still train twice a day.

Demian Maia / Facebook

If that didn’t happen, Maia is unlikely to fight anywhere else when it comes to mixed martial arts. However, he is interested in taking on some of the biggest names in MMA.

Chael Sonnen has a promotion in the United States, Submission Underground, and he talked to me about the possibility of facing someone there. I think it would be great to face someone from MMA [en jiu-jitsu] Due to the [atención] that that name would bring.

If I’m up against someone from the new generation of jiu-jitsu, I might have a name on the [comunidad] jiu-jitsu, but that’s something special. If I get an MMA guy… Let me give you an example: Sonnen texted me after my last fight asking if I was interested in taking on Tony Ferguson or Kamaru Usman. That’s the kind of combat that would not only appeal to the jiu-jitsu community, but also to MMA and everyone who likes fights in any way. “

Maia explains that she didn’t take Sonnen’s offer because she had just fought Muhammad in the Octagon, and was hoping a fight with Nate Diaz would materialize. The Diaz brothers, as well as Donald Cerrone, are names that interest you for your latest MMA fight.

When it comes to jiu-jitsu, a trilogy fight with the recently retired Ronaldo Souza might be too much, as “Jacare” “weighs 30 pounds more than me” today. The two met twice in 2015, with Souza winning the no-gi match at ADCC and Maia winning in jiu-jitsu.

In MMA, In the event that White does not come forward with an offer to compete, Maia, currently a free agent, will not close the door on other promotions for the time being. But he is not likely to accept it either.

«It’s hard to say… Actually, no, my initial answer would be no. I don’t want to fight elsewhere, I want to be in the UFC, but I have a big dream to fight MMA in Japan. But I haven’t thought about it. If there was a big promotion like in the PRIDE days, sometimes I think about it. But the first plan, if you ask me, is to do my last fight in the UFC.