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Despite the surname: this was the very hard path of Carlos Sainz Jr. to reach the top in F1

Jr. He has been related to motors since a young age. His father, Carlos Sainz, multi-champion Rally, put his surname at the top of motorsport in Spain and the world. Far from being an advantage, this put more pressure on the current driver, since he was forced to prove twice as much as his colleagues for being “the son of”. In a documentary of his first victory in Formula 1, the closest circle and relatives of the runner revealed how Chili started.

While being the son of a World Rally Champion opened many doors for him in motorsport, . he had the talent to stay in the top flight comfortably and not just because of his last name. After 150 races, the 27-year-old rider achieved his first long-awaited victory at Silverstone, but that victory was long in the works.

Sainz always supported his son’s career.

“What seems frivolous to me is to think that, today, at the level it is in Formula 1, it is because of the last name,” said the father without hesitation. Carlos Sainz Jr.

From his first steps in karting, the current Ferrari driver was targeted by all his colleagues, since each driver wanted to save the achievement of having beaten Sainz’s son. For that reason, the requirement was double for Chili that he always had to prove even more than his teammates. In this sense, the former Spanish runner, Pedro de la Rosa explained that if he had been called something else, Carletes would have gained the respect and recognition of his peers more quickly.

“People said: ‘Well, it’s going well, but of course, he has the best kart, he’s always training’. There was always a ‘but’. If his name had been López, they would have said: ‘he is great’ ”commented the former pilot Pedro de la Rosa in the documentary produced by Dazn.

his great idol

The journalist specializing in Formula 1, Antonio Lobato, recognized that the admiration Sainz Jr. had for Fernando Alonso was one of the reasons that led him to be the driver he is today. In addition, he remembers the iconic photo of the first encounter with the Nano at the Barcelona Grand Prix.

“If he is in Formula 1 right now, it is because of those magical years of 2005, 2006 or 2007, in which he lived F1 with great passion and wanted to be like Fernando Alonso. In Barcelona, ​​the day he met him and shook his hand, that there is a very famous photo of the two of them, you see a child with his eyes open, as if he were seeing God, ”Lobato commented.

Currently, Sainz competes with his idol.

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