Devin Haney, the boxer who was forged in a Tijuana bar

Erika Montoya Mexico City / 06.03.2022 13:58:01 This weekend Devin Haney is going after history as he is ju

Erika Montoya

Mexico City / 06.03.2022 13:58:01

This weekend is going after as he is just one win away from becoming the undisputed lightweight champion and doing so at the young age of 23.

Haney will face Australia’s George Kambosos in Melbourne in what is expected to be an evening with Marvel Stadium packed with fans hungry for a big matchup. However, that factor is not something that has any effect on the attitude of the American.

The reason for the safety and calm of the California fighter was the rough start he had in boxing in Mexico.

Haney had a fruitful amateur with 138 wins for eight losses, however when he made his switch to professional he was not yet 18 years old and that is why he decided to go to Tijuana, where he could get more experience.

His first fight was at the Billar del Perro Salado in Tijuana, with all the fans against him. That night he knocked out Gonzalo López in one round and that’s where it all started.

Haney appeared four more times at that pool in Tijuana before returning to the United States to make his debut at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, becoming the youngest boxer to fight there.

However, he returned to Mexico 6 more times and snatched victories from each of the tricolors he faced and in the process forged a security that accompanies him to date.

Bill Haney, his father and trainer, assured that all this movement was very good for the fighter because “our bones were made in Mexico, after that nothing surprises us. We graduated from small bars, We know what it is to have the public against. Nothing is going to surprise us.”

Haney won the interim lightweight title of the World Boxing Council in 2019 by defeating Zaur Abdullaev, but in 2020 he was elevated to absolute champion of the organization, after the WBC determined the creation of the franchise championship and elevated Vasyl Lomachenko to that position. The critics did not wait, but this is Devin Haney’s opportunity to show that this movement was not a coincidence.