Do you play golf? With this device you will have a real virtual caddy

Despite the tremendous temperatures that we have to endure these days, it is quite common to see many players on the golf courses, yes, w

Despite the tremendous temperatures that we have to endure these days, it is quite common to see many players on the golf courses, yes, when the heat is not yet strong enough. Playing golf, far from what it may seem, is a sport that more and more people practice, and that is not nearly as expensive as some insist on showing. And it is a sport that lends itself to certain gadgets, such as the one we have known now, and that is the best companion to always be able to hit our choice of clubs in order to put the ball in the hole.

All the information you need to hole out

We have seen many devices on the market related to golf, in the form of a watch, especially, or an application for our mobile. But the device we are referring to today we have seen on Indiegogo, where it is available to buy on demand, after the test time. This is the SLX Hybrid X3 Pro, which is a portable data unit and sensor assembly that is capable of bringing out the best in us when it comes to playing golf in an outstanding way.

This has a nanosensor module, which is usually attached to it magnetically, and that we can remove from the device, to place it comfortably in the glove. In this way, the SLX Hybrid X3 Pro can perfectly recognize our position on the field, as well as the swing analysis details, which will allow us to improve our hitting, or at least make it as efficient as possible.

The SLX Hybrid X3 Pro has a magnetic surface, which allows us to carry it in many places, such as on the body of a cart to carry our clubs, or place it on the grass so that the data displayed on the screen is as comfortable as possible. to read possible. And it is that this device makes it much easier for us to face the hole, since it provides us with essential information to be able to reach it in the fewest possible number of strokes. And it is that we can use it as a radar, which tells us the speed with which the ball has been thrown. As well as the exact distance to the hole, thanks to the precise GPS connectivity it has.

Not only does it show us all this data on its practical screen, which can be seen perfectly in daylight, but it is also capable of giving us all this data through the built-in speaker. To use it, you just have to download the synchronization app and do the whole process as we would do to synchronize other devices. Then we only have to place the device a few centimeters behind us on the field. The device will be capable of capturing a large number of data on our way of hitting the ball, its trajectory, our position when doing it and a series of features that are undoubtedly the most useful when it comes to playing Golf.

In addition, we can play golf at home or wherever we want, since all the information it collects can be used in different apps and virtual golf games. We can already buy it on Indiegogo for about 485 euros, a price that is not within everyone’s reach, but that can certainly offer us a totally different way of playing golf, also virtual. It will start delivering to its buyers next month.