Domain in soccer and basketball, by Santi Nolla

The Catalan Football Federation is the one with the most licenses in Spain (162,000) but Andalusia and Madrid have more First Division clubs than the Catalans. The Madrid community has Madrid, Atlético, Rayo and Getafe and the Andalusian community has Sevilla, Betis, Cádiz and Almería. In Catalonia, thanks to Girona, the almost eternal duality of Barça and Espanyol has been broken. In the North Athletic, Real Sociedad and Osasuna remain and in Galicia there is Celta without Depor. The Levante area maintains Valencia, Villarreal and Elche. And on the islands follows Mallorca.

In basketball, however, the maximum dominance of clubs is for Catalonia, which has Barça, Joventut, Baxi Manresa and Girona, recently promoted to the Endesa League. It is practically double that of any other territory. And in basketball there are two teams from the Canary Islands. The Catalan Federation is the one with the most licenses (around 70,000) and surpasses Madrid (around 50,000) which currently has two teams in the ACB, Madrid and Fuenlabrada. The proportion of basketball is more in line with the number of practitioners than in football.

It is curious that soccer is the sport that lost the most licenses in 2021 (21,000) but it is the one that still has the most (around a million) ahead of basketball (376,000), hunting (334,000), golf (271,000) and mountain and climbing (248,000). Football remains the most watched sport in the world, followed by cricket, basketball, hockey (field, roller, ice) and tennis.

Where soccer does not have supremacy is in the list of most practiced sports in the world. There, the number 1 is swimming with 1,500 million practitioners, then football, with 500 million less, volleyball with 900; basketball, 400 and tennis, 300. The most watched major events are the Olympic Games, the World Cup final, Barça-Madrid, the Champions League final, the Super Bowl, the Rugby World Cup and the NBA final. In this order.