Domestic violence: a big stain on the NBA

Lately some players of the NBA they are more protagonists off the court than inside her, and it's not exactly a positive thing. The last case is t

Lately some players of the they are more protagonists off the court than inside her, and it’s not exactly a positive thing. The last case is that of the player of the Charlotte Hornets, thousands brideswhat hours before the opening of the free agent market This Friday, he was arrested by the police after turning himself in at a local police station. A day before he had a confrontation both verbal and physical with a woman, still unidentified, and when the agents arrived at his home the player was no longer there.

The recent case of Bridges is not the only one that has splashed the world of basketball in USA. In this year 2022 there have been other events such as Rajon Rondowho was charged with threatening and targeting with a gun his wife in front of their children. The player subsequently received a Restraining order of at least 150 meters to his wife and two children by a judge and had to hand over his weapons in court.

In this same season, the basketball player Richaun Holmes He was accused by his ex-partner of domestic violence and of assaulting his six-year-old son until causing him to hemorrhage from a blow to the head. the player of the King’s He denied these accusations at all times, but his club immediately announced his definitive withdrawal for the rest of the season.

Richaun Holmes was accused of assaulting his six-year-old son.

And another of the most controversial cases of this 2022 has been that of the New Orleans Pelicans player, Jason Hayeswho was denounced by his ex-partner and model, sophia jamora. The complainant stated that the athlete chased her throughout the house, grabbing her multiple times and he even dragged her down the stairs. She jamora said that it was not the first time that Hayes was upset and had already hit him months before with a suitcase and broke a bathroom door.

a long list

Throughout these years other numerous NBA players have joined this blacklist. Jason Kiddcurrent coach of the Dallas Mavericks had multiple charges of domestic violence, just like Jason Richardson. other like DeMarcus Cousins verbally threatened his ex-partner with some audios that the police were able to intercept and opened an investigation.

All these actions do not help some stars that they can see how their career is ruined in tenths of a second. A long list that tarnishes the name of a sport, and definitely some players who they do not represent the world of basketball.