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Drenthe continues to walk through Spanish football and will play… in the sixth division!

Royston Rickie Drenthe continues his journey through modest Spanish football. The Dutch player seems to have taken a liking to regional football and, after his tour of Racing Murcia and even signing for Real Murcia in the last winter market, he has been presented as a new player for the Racing Merida City, of First Extremadura. The one who was a promise for Real Madrid back in 2007 will continue his career at the age of 35 in the sixth category.

Since leaving professional football, Drenthe has moved through various divisions under the guidance of Morris Pagniello. The entrepreneur and representative is the owner of Racing City Group, with modest teams in cities such as Murcia, Madrid, Logroño or Mérida, in addition to managing various subsidiaries of First and Second division teams that play in the amateur category. It was he who brought the Dutchman back to Spain in January 2021 and, since then, has moved him through four teams.

Drenthe signed for him real Madrid in 2007, but his time with the white team was a real failure. He then passed through Hercules and went to England. After a journey through English and Turkish football, he returned to his country two years before returning to Spain. He did it to Racing of Murciato which he arrived with an obvious overweight, before leaving on loan in the last winter market to the main team in the city, Real Murcia.

As expected, his adventure in the pepper club was not successful at all. Although Murcia achieved promotion to First RFEF, Drenthe went practically unnoticed and his participation was reduced to 89 minutes in nine games played. In the new course you will start two categories below, in First Extremadurain a Racing Mérida that will seek promotion to Third RFEF.

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