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“Ducati is not perfect, there are no perfect bikes” in MotoGP – Miguel Oliveira

Ducati has made solid steps in its evolution in the premier class, as confirmed by the two constructors’ world champion titles in 2020 and 2021, years in which, remember, the rider’s champion did not have a Desmosedici, which shows in itself the competitiveness of the Italian machine.

Miguel Oliveira, who has allegedly been targeted by the Italians in the past, has no doubts about the competitive ratings of the Borgo Panigale bike, but prefers to give credit to riders who are getting the best out of the bike, as he told :

– Well, motorcycles don’t travel alone! Motorcycles have riders and they are the ones who need to understand the needs of motorcycles. But they certainly have a very complete bike. Even on tracks where you think the bike doesn’t get along, like Valencia, they are very fast. The feeling is that they have new tires and we have worn them out, because they are more efficient in the acceleration and braking phases. The way they turn the bike now is incredible and that’s why it’s very difficult to fight them. I still believe that it is not a perfect bike because there are no perfect bikes in this category.


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