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Duranguenses seek boxing medals at the Conade 2022 National Games

After the third day of competitions in the discipline, there are three Duranguenses who are still the gold metal at the Conade 2022 National .

The representatives of the land of Pancho Villa who continue with their fists up, are Diego Lazalde and Hugo Yair Barrónwho are already in the round of assured , so the gold medal is now closer.

For its part, Jesús Isaac Fernández Hernández will debut this Saturday at the María del Rosario Espinoza Multiple Use Gymnasium in Culiacán, Sinaloaheadquarters of these competitions.

Jaime Salomón Valdivia, who had won his first fight, was eliminated after losing a split decision against Jaime Enrique Osuna, of Baja California Sur.

A fight where his trainer Paola Tirado saw his pupil as the winner, but not so the judges who decreed a resolution in favor of the native of La Paz, in a fight where the Duranguense looked quite good, but it was not enough to win.

This fight corresponded to the middle weights (75 kilograms) Youth categories 17 and 18 years.

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