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Ecuadorian Football Federation established the competition system for the Ecuador Cup 2022 | Soccer | sports

Teams from the LigaPro, champions of the second category and the two finalists of the National Amateur Soccer League will participate in the tournament.

January 20, 2022 – 4:17 p.m.

The Ecuadorian Football Federation established the classification system for the 2022 Ecuador Cup, which will be played this season with $750,000.00 in prize money and, if the health emergency allows it, would start next May.

As published by the rector of professional soccer in Ecuador, the 16 teams from series A and 10 from the first category B of the Professional Soccer League of Ecuador (LigaPro) will participate in the competition; They will be joined by the 20 second category champions from the same number of provincial associations, plus the two finalists of the 2021 National Amateur Soccer League, organized by the National Amateur Soccer Commission (Confa).

In the game system it is defined that only in the first phase and in the final home run will the matches be played under the round trip system; while the rest of the stages (sixteenths, eighths and quarterfinals) will be a single duel.

In the phases in which only one match will be played, the venue will be defined according to the Ecuador Cup classification table: the clubs will have a general order by category from first to forty-eighth place to determine venues in the corresponding case, according to their classification in each of the competitions to which they belong.

For the location of the clubs in the round of 32, where the teams of the LigaPro series A already enter, the positions will be taken into account according to the accumulated table of the 2021 tournament.

In the first phase, or the 32nd round, the teams from series B, from the LigaPro, will meet, plus the provincial champions and the two finalists from the National Amateur Soccer League.

The winners of each key will access the round of 32 and they will have to face the 16 teams from series A.

The FEF organized the first Ecuador Cup, which began on November 10, 2018 and ended on November 16, 2019. Liga de Quito beat Delfín in the finals (round-trip) and benefited from the visiting goal regulations ( overall 3-3).

Due to the pandemic there was no tournament in 2020 or 2021, and now it is sought to define whether the champion of this edition is given a quota to the Copa Libertadores de América or the Copa Sudamericana, a position that is not shared by the president of the LigaPro, Miguel Ángel Loor, who expressed his disagreement because this decision had not been agreed upon with the Ecuadorian soccer clubs. (D)

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