Edomex boxers add 8 medals at the Conade National Games

The State of Mexico is the land of champions in amateur boxing, a discipline with deep roots in the entity and that in recent years has re

The State of is the land of champions in amateur , a discipline with deep roots in the entity and that in recent years has recovered the hegemony that it had for a long time at the national level in the youth category.

Today, after a lot of work by the trainers, discipline and perseverance of the , as well as the support of their families, the entity is one of the rivals to beat at the national level in this discipline, as an example, the they have won in the competitions such as the former and now the Conade National Games, where the Mexican gladiators have three consecutive editions contributing gold metals for the state cause.

This year the Mexican amateur boxing team added eight metals at the Conade National Games: two gold, two silver and four bronze, which ranked fourth in the discipline medal table, although there was a generational change in the boxers and a very young selection took to the competition.

In 2021, eight metals were also added, only that most were first place. There were four gold, one silver and three bronze. In 2020 there was no competition due to the pandemic.

In 2019 the last National Olympics was held and there the state delegation also added four gold medals, one silver and one bronze, results that have led Mexican boxing to win the State Sports Award.

The last edition where the Mexican boxers did not win a gold medal in boxing was in 2018, since the harvest was only three metals, two silver and one bronze.

“After hard work where several coaches were with the young people, including a server, carrying out the necessary dynamics so that the young people were at their best, and with the best level to reach the pres that were achieved. It was possible to advance, make a change and we continue in the elite of boxing, we continue to give something to talk about and with a positive response from the boys, with a lot of hunger and a great desire to get ahead”, said the state coach, Carlos Duarte.


The good results have led state boxing to define guidelines to keep its fighters at the top of the national medal table. This year, the selection of the members of the Mexican team was more exhaustive, since in addition to the usual state qualifiers, the first edition of the Edomex Cup was held, where thousands of boxers from all the municipalities of the demarcation participated.

Once the selection was defined, the preparation was different, with several camps at the Otomí Ceremonial Center, Puerto Vallarta, Sinaloa and Toluca, concentrations where they had confrontations against other teams.

“What I like the most is that the leading states at the national level, together with us, already want to come and train here, as is the case of Jalisco, which was concentrated with us, Aguascalientes, who smiled at the victory, worked in the Center Otomí Ceremonial, now Nuevo León also wants to collide with us, that gives us a lot to talk about, keeps us at the top, helps us that young people see that to achieve something you have to work hard and that also allows us to have a broader panorama of how we see ourselves at a general level in the country”, added coach Carlos Duarte.

Now the challenge for the Mexican boxers will be to remain in the boxing elite at the national level, for this the entity’s trainers recently received training in technique, physical development and conditioning, updates that they must test with their pupils in order to next year’s new state, regional and national qualifiers.