Eguzki criticizes a water concession to a Gipuzkoan golf club to irrigate

A hole on a golf course NG

A hole on a golf course

The environmental collective criticized this Wednesday the that the Agency has made to a Guipuzcoan golf to divert 70,000 cubic meters a year from three water wells in order to irrigate his field. Eguzki has regretted this authorization in a note, in the current context of energy and resource restrictions, while he has explained that the aforementioned concession “is equivalent to the consumption of almost 2,000 people for a whole year”. “That is to say -adds the conservationist association-, more or less the consumption of the residents of a neighborhood like Añorga or a municipality like Ataun “.

“In other words: to save 70,000 m3 per year, each of the 188,102 registered residents of Donostia-San Sebastian should reduce their consumption by 361 litres, almost one a day,” emphasizes Eguzki.