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Eight medals for the Canary Islands in the Spanish Boxing Championship

The close the Spanish with four more

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The Canary Islands women’s team has won five medals, three bronze with Sara Eusebio (EF60KG), Silvia Boscaini (EF54KG) and Fátima Cruz (EF57KG); and two gold medals by Melissa Noemí González (EF66KG) and Patricia Cabrera (EF75KG),

The Canarian men’s team recorded three bronze medals and one gold. Bronze for Andrés López (EM54KG) and Cristian Delgado (EM71KG), who did not advance in the competition due to a shoulder injury. Francisco Valdivia (EM80KG) also won the other bronze medal and the gold medal went to Diop Matkar (EM86KG), reports the Canarian Boxing Federation on its official channels.

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