Elche: And to all this, there is football!

Transfers that do not arrive, last minute transfers, sales that fall, players who do not want to leave, Pellegrini showing his face for the clubfoo

Transfers that do not arrive, last minute transfers, sales that fall, players who do not want to leave, Pellegrini showing his face for the clubfootballers forced to watch football from the stands… And to all this, there is already football.

There will be time for reflection, self-criticism, to ask for responsibilities or to applaud once the market closes. To know what it touches. The truth is that the start of is here for a that has been caught by the bull at the time of raising the curtain of Benito Villamarín receiving an (21:30) about which little has been said in the days in which the focus has been on registrations and formulas to meet the salary limit.

Not even with a title under his arm; not even with a second consecutive classification to play in Europe he lives with tranquility in Heliopolis. A way of being. A way of living in continuous war. Between resignation and tension, just three months after closing a dream season with a meritorious fifth place and the celebration of the Copa del Rey.

Only a few months have passed and it seems that they are much more. Manuel Pellegrini’s third project at the head of the Verdiblanco team starts off just right and they talk about everything except football. It is reality for whatever reason. Because there hasn’t been a big sale (so far) for the third summer in a row, because of the strange renovations that have conditioned the configuration of the campus or because They haven’t done their homework financially.

For whatever reason, the Chilean coach starts the competition without much to throw away. With a starting eleven, despite the casualties, recognizable, but with few alternatives on the bench to give it a twist if the match requires it between the injured, the last minute march of Marc Bartra and the unregistered footballers as the salary limit parameters required by LaLiga are not met. Canales and Sabaly, with muscular problemsjoined the injured Montoya and camera. The site of the Senegalese side will be for Aitor Ruibal on the right side, where he has already played some games this preseason. More complicated is to replace the Cantabrian and Pellegrini will pull from the quarry and rodrypossibly or Robert they will have the opportunity to be starters (for at least two weeks).

Beyond a serious problem in the starting eleven, the absences limit Pellegrini when looking at the bench

in the rear, the absence of Marc Bartra will be covered by Édgarone of the pieces most used by the Betis coach in the preseason, while in goal it will be Rui Silva the starter to the detriment of Claudio Bravoone of the victims of non-registration.

But on the pitch Pellegrini will have, at least initially, a recognizable team, without new faces, and that knows how to play by heart. With Fekir creating above, Guido Rodriguez and William Carvalho prevailing in the medullary and Juanmi and Borja Iglesias facing the rival goal.

Elche, meanwhile, faces the league debut with the hope of repeating the feat of last April, when it was able to beat a Betis (0-1) who played with all their senses in the cup final. The team of Francis Rodriguez has had a discreet preseason in terms of results and irregular in sensations, conditioned by injuries and physical problems of several players and the late incorporation of reinforcements, although in Seville the coach will be able to count a recognizable eleven similar to the one from the last visit.

The low for this match they are the central ones Verduoperated on the pubis two weeks ago, and the striker Lucas Boyewith physical problems, while Javier Shepherdunprecedented throughout the preseason due to a soleus injury, and Raul Gutialso with muscular discomfort, are doubtful.