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Enzo Ferrari and his iron passion for football

It is known that the Italian Enzo Ferrari founded the famous Scuderia Ferrari. But few know the Italian’s passion for football and sports chronicles. At Tork, below, we tell you more about this unknown facet of Enzo.

January 17, 2022 12:42 p.m.

Ferrari and Calcium

Enzo posing proudly between two Ferraris

if one says the first image that comes to mind is that of a gray-haired man, surely with his dark glasses, leaning half on the red chassis of some Ferrari. Now, that image belongs to the Enzo-Ferrari already a public and consecrated figure, with his place assured in the Parthenon of sports car manufacturers.

There is another Ferrari. The youngster, adolescent in modenawhich was not defined between its two focuses of attraction: cars and . Needless to say, when Ferrari was a teenager, around World War I, football in Italy was not a popular sport.. Football, in those years, was still an “English” sport.

Enzo Ferrari’s curiosity turned to football, but not to practice football. Enzo liked writing, telling stories. So the indicated path was that of a Serie A football match chronicler.

The first step was in the newspaper of his city, Modena. So he went into the newsroom Province of Modena with only 16 years of age, in condition of aspirant. Ferrari’s texts, about soccer, combined information with passionate writing, notoriously from an adolescent.

Enzo Ferrari with Juan Manuel Fangio

As the months passed, the issue became serious. He left the editorial office of the local newspaper and began to collaborate, signing his articles and everything, with La Gazzetta dello Sport. The Gazette is quite simply the most important sports newspaper in all of Italy. National circulation and great influence on public opinion.

There Enzo Ferrari developed his pen, his eye and his sporting spirit. Trying to be impartial before his dear internationalwith professionalism ahead. In those wanderings he walked Ferrari until he decided, years later, to try out as a highly competitive driver. That, of course, is another story.

Now I ask you, reader, Have you ever read any football chronicle of Enzo?


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