“Espanyol has a beautiful team to play football”

The former soccer player Nick Couple attended 'La Grada Ràdio' this Wednesday, three days before two of his former teams meet: the Spanish

The former soccer player Nick Couple attended ‘La Grada Ràdio’ this Wednesday, three days before two of his former teams meet: the Spanish and the Sevilla F.C.. The former defender has reviewed the current situation of both teams and warns that the Blue and Whites should not trust the bad dynamics that the Andalusians are going through. In addition, the former soccer player has also praised Diego Martinezwho was second coach of the Sevilla team when Nick Couple He was a member of that club. Beyond football, the South American has also explained how hard it was for him to have to retire and has shared with us his future plans:

Julen Lopetegui’s team has not won a game this season. You, who live in Seville, do you see the atmosphere very warm there?: «Sevillista fans are very passionate and those of us who have been lucky enough to play here know how everything that surrounds the club works. The Sevilla F.C. There have been other times like this. It is an entity with a lot of character that knows how to draw strength in the worst circumstances.

Does the situation of Sevilla FC benefit Espanyol?: «I don’t know what we are going to find. Both teams have to think about themselves because they have great players and a good squad despite the bad times they’ve been through. Football changes very quickly and a streak can be changed in one or two games.

Do you think that the Sevilla FC players are in favor of Julen Lopetegui?: «I don’t know because I’m not inside the club. I know those footballers and I know the desire they have to reverse this situation.

There is talk that the Sevilla FC players are making Lopetegui’s bed. Have you experienced any such situation?: «In my 20 years of career, I have not experienced that. I would be surprised if players have the power to do something like that.”

Who are you going with on Saturday?: «I always say the same thing. I’m very fond of both teams, but I identify more with him Sevilla F.C. for all the years that I was in the team, the things that I had to experience, because I still live in this city and because my daughters were born here. I am also very grateful to Spanish And I identify a lot with him. whenever i go for BarcelonaI try to go through Dani Jarque Sports City to see a game of the kids. I have a lot of friends there”.

Who do you think they can win?: «The emotional aspect will play a very important role. The Spanish play at home, but the Sevilla F.C. He has to fight for points because he comes from complicated results. It will be a disputed match. I do not gamble with a result ».

How do you see Diego Martínez’s Espanyol?: «It is early to evaluate it. I think both the ETS As the Seville CF They have good players and a great coach. They are beautiful teams to play football.”

One of the topics of the summer at Espanyol has been the possible departure of Raúl de Tomás. You have played in the RCDE and worked for a year in Stellar Group, the player’s representation agency. Knowing both parties, what is your opinion of this conflict?: «I don’t want to get into those issues. I think the best thing is to play. It’s nice to compete Spanish and The league. Soccer players often forget or get tired of certain things in the whirlwind of everyday life. When you no longer have those things, you miss them. I think that the coaching staff and the blue and white board They are trained to deal with this situation. RDT He can give a lot to the team when he’s well.”

Now, what is your most immediate future?: «It was not easy to overcome the duel of leaving football and it took me a while to assimilate it because playing was what I liked to do the most. Now, I want to be related to this sport. I am more directed to the area of ​​​​sports management. I did a master’s degree Real spanish soccer federation to be able to work in this area. I’m looking for my place after withdrawal.

When you retired, did you miss a structure of LaLiga or the Royal Spanish Football Federation that helps the footballer in the process of leaving football?: “Possibly yes. I sought help on my own because I had to retire due to injury when I was as hungry as a 20-year-old footballer. There are many players who need emotional support and there should be facilities for them to receive it. When you retire, the adrenaline that you have felt for 30 years suddenly disappears and it is a difficult process.