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Evander Holyfield cares for the environment with this strange car

Evander Holyfield displays one of the most eccentric pieces in his showcase. A design that has the particularity of being a sustainable car, where you can see that the former boxer takes his commitment to the environment seriously. We show you all the details below.

June 28, 2022 1:43 p.m.

He is one of the great icons of boxing. His outstanding career in the ring, and his historic fight with Mike Tyson are on everyone’s lips. After 25 years of this incredible event in the ring, Evander continues to cause a stir among his fans. A man who has known how to enjoy his glory days.

Evander has made a great fortune during his time as a boxer. He came to have a fortune of around 250,000,000 dollars. However, bad decisions have led him down dark paths and have caused part of his wealth to suffer the consequences. Despite this, it is estimated that his assets It currently amounts to $500,000.which is no small thing.

Thanks to this life of great luxuries, he was able to indulge himself at the wheel of enviable machines. Cars that he soon boasted, to account for his immense fortune. In this opportunity, He surprised his fans with one of his most eccentric relics. A piece that is placed in its showcase, but that keeps a very special place, for being one of the few hybrid copies of this model that exist.

It’s about your ecoVoyager. A small prototype with a not so attractive design in which only 4 people fit, due to its bounded dimensions. However, something to note is that it consists of a sustainable model. A possibility of change and care through vehicles, providing an environmentally friendly option.

Regarding technical aspectsthe car uses the same lithium-ion battery as in the Jeep Renegade Concept, but in this case, it is associated with a hydrogen fuel cell. On the other hand, it has the characteristic grille of Chrysler in a more rounded shape than usual. A quite particular car that the former boxer has in his garage, which may not be the most attractive, but without a doubt it is an exclusive copy. And would you get into one of these cars?

Evander Holyfield with his Chrysler. Chrysler ecoVoyager model.

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