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At Vitónica we have commented on countless occasions the importance of varying sports activity and trying new things, which can help us improve

At Vitónica we have commented on countless occasions the importance of varying sports activity and trying new things, which can help us improve results. This time we are going to focus on boxing, and especially on how we should and how not, face this new activity.

Boxing is an activity that puts all the muscles of the body to work. But not only that, but it is necessary that we know and control the technique a little to do it in the correct way, avoid hurting ourselves, and get the most benefit possible.

To start practicing boxing correctly, in this post we are going to stop at some points that we can take into account in a positive way, and others that we better not take into account, if not not to do so.

But before we stop at each point, let’s highlight that boxing is an activity that perfectly combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise, since we will activate all the muscles and we will stay active by accelerating the pulse and breathing. It is an exercise that will help us lose weight, tone muscles and improve general strength.

Boxing seamlessly combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise. In addition, it puts all parts of the body and also the mind to work

If you are a beginner there some things you do have to keep in mind. That is why we are going to stop at the list of points to take into account in order to start practicing boxing as a new activity.

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Patience is essential in boxing

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First, patience is essential. Surely most of us think that as soon as we start boxing we are going to put on our gloves and we are going to punch the punch. But no, there is a process of learning the technique and acclimatization that requires practice and patience.

First of all you have to learn the techniqueIt is not about punching without rhyme or reason, but it is essential to know how to position ourselves at all times so as not to injure ourselves. It is also necessary to train the resistance to endure when we throw ourselves into real punches.

Good equipment that protects and makes us feel safe is important

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To practice boxing we must get hold of the right equipment. Wearing protectors is essential. The mouth guard is the one that most of us know, but it is advisable to use other protectors such as the head and groin.

Patience is essential when practicing boxing to advance little by little, as well as a team that protects us and makes us feel more secure.

The Head protector It is good at the beginning to avoid blows that can be annoying and hurt us, and thus we can gain more confidence. The same thing happens with the inguinal, since it is a delicate area that is important to protect from blows.

Never let your guard down

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One point that we should not overlook is guard down. Boxing is an activity in which we must avoid blows. To achieve this, being alert and on guard will be essential.

Be with arms ready for attack and defense is essential. That is why it is one of the first things that we are going to learn and that we are going to repeat ourselves like a mantra. This is essential and as basic as learning your posture and training technique well.

Work the aim and the concentration of the gaze

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Work the aim and the concentration of the gaze is another point to take into account when starting boxing. It is useless if we launch ourselves into this activity without focusing on a place where we want to impact the opponent to neutralize him.

Not letting your guard down at any time is essential. Staying protected, as well as focused on the point where we want to impact, is essential to perform the activity well

In this case, concentration and aim will be essential. Focusing your eyes on the target is essential to not miss. The same as when we are with an opponent, it is good that we do not take our eyes off his face, because in this way we can better defend ourselves from his blows.

Not controlling the breath, a mistake that can run against us in boxing

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A common mistake made when practicing boxing is not controlling breathing and make it an ally to develop the exercise in the best possible way. Breathing well will help us to improve the power of the impact and to be able to last much longer by boxing with the necessary force.

To achieve this it is good that before throwing the fist, let us fill our lungs with air, and expel it when we strike. In this way we will achieve greater propulsion at once and get less tired. We should think about this technique at first, but little by little, it will come out on its own without thinking.

Use your full body to strike, and not just arm strength

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When it comes to hitting, we must not only do it with the fists and the muscles of the arms. This is a mistake that many of us make. It must be the whole body that helps us propel ourselves forward and help us increase the force of the blow through momentum.

Using the breath to hold more in boxing, and helping ourselves with the whole body when making a blow are some of the points that we must keep in mind to improve results

Keep them feet firmly planted on the ground, slow, shoulders arranged by the posture of the arms. All these gestures, which seem simple, are a form of body alert that will help us to be ready to strike a faster and more accurate blow than if we do not take these recommendations into account.

Hydrate well and warm up before training, an important point for muscles and joints

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Hydrate well It is always essential in any exercise we do, since hydration is essential when it comes to getting muscles and joints in perfect condition. Especially in an exercise that requires so much muscular effort. For this reason, it is necessary that we always have a ready-to-use bottle on hand.

The same thing happens with the previous trainingIt is important that we stretch and warm up well before launching into boxing. It is not advisable to start punching if we have not warmed up and prepared our body for it.

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A race before starting the activity, stretching, repetitive movements of the arms and legs, adopting the posture … But, in addition, we can have a base of muscles worked through hypertrophy exercises previous. All of this will help us achieve better results.

First of all, we need to be aware that starting boxing requires a lot of discipline and knowledge of the technique. It is not about getting to hit without more. It is good that we are aware of it to encourage us to practice this activity.

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