Exceeds expectations golf tournament to benefit SDIF’s grandfather’s house

Tijuana, September 9.- The First PYE 2022 Golf Tournament to benefit the Casa del Abuelo of the System for the Integral Devel

Tijuana, September 9.- The First PYE 2022 Golf Tournament to benefit the Casa del Abuelo of the System for the Integral Development of the Family (SDIF), exceeded expectations by bringing together 180 golfers who joined this noble cause in support for older adults.

This charity sports event is the result of the alliance of the municipal government presided over by Montserrat Caballero through the SDIF with the company PYE Electrificaciones and dozens of sponsors who decided to contribute to achieve the rehabilitation and remodeling of the property destined for the comprehensive care of the people of the community. third age.

At the inauguration, Alma Delia Caballero Ramírez, president of the SDIF Board of Trustees, expressed that this event is a reflection of the passion and commitment of all those gathered today, to give all older adults a worthy place.

He thanked PYE, businessmen, sponsors and players for being part of this first golf tournament and the concert with Rodrigo de la Cadena, as well as the auction of paintings by Tijuana artist Christian Hernández, one of the PYE ambassadors with a cause.

Founded in 2004, the Casa del Abuelo located on the Buena Vista ramp, is a space in which the elderly can stay from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, while their relatives comply with work hours. .

The property with capacity for 40 people has been closed since March 2019 and with the resources collected, the rehabilitation is planned for an upcoming reopening in December.

In this, occupational therapy services, food, physiotherapy exercises, hygiene and health care, as well as recreational activities are provided.

The legal representative of PYE Electrificaciones, Gastón Toledo Castillo, stated that today history is being made, because an idea that emerged last year is becoming a reality, this being one of the tournaments with the highest participation of golfers.

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