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F1 2021 – Free Practice 2 of the Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix live

Update narration

Updated: 12/03/2021 19:06 CET

Lewis hamilton has very little dominated Free 1 of the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia. With a fine and precise piloting, hardly invading the pianos, he has set the best time of the sleeve, a 1: 29.786, to which Max verstappen was able to respond on the third attempt of his second game (soft), to stay only 0.056 seconds.

The dutch, a lot more aggressive in his driving and with a more unloaded car on his rear wing, he needed to hit the shoulders and make visible sparks in the underside of his RB16B to get closer to the Mercedes, apparently much more drivable from the start. Third was Valtteri Bottas, at 0.223 of your partner, which would indicate then has finished eleventh. The smile of Toto wolff in the box he hinted that the Mercedes thought the same thing.

Carlos Sainz has had a very good premiere, with the sixth fastest time and again ahead of , as in the last dates. Single Gasly and Giovinazzi they surpassed the Ferrari from the middle class, which indicates (especially by the Italian), that the room for improvement on this new asphalt, although not dirty, is still very large.

also got into the ‘top ten’ from the start, as nineth, just a second off the head and two tenths better than his partner, Esteban Ocon (12th). The premiere of the Arab appointment is very promising, in a route in which the danger is chewed with the walls very close to the painting of the pianos.


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